Good Morning

I cannot really complain: no snow or rain, but it is very misty this morning, which also has its charm. The days are getting a little warmer and when I go out into the great wide world in the morning to feed the birds I no longer really need my thick long padded coat. I might even go into town this afternoon to visit the store. My online provisions do not include frozen food and I have a few things I want to stock up on. No. 1 son can easily get them for me, but I have a special financial arrangement and I would not have to pay as I get a bonus every month which I have not used since January and the end of last year, so now it amounts to quite a lot.

And yesterday I had yet another success. Probably something that most assemble in the kitchen, but I have never had luck with a potato salad. I am not really a big fan, but mine is always a soggy soft mess. This time I decided to do it my way. I cooked the potatoes in their jackets in my microwave in the afternoon and let them cool down. I could then peel them easily with my special sharp peeler just removing the skin and not part of the potato. I then sliced them and put them in a bowl. I poured hot bouillon over them and left them to soak it up. In the meanwhile I made a salad sauce with lots of chopped parsley that I happened to have. Eventually I removed the sliced potato from the bouillon and put it in the salad sauce and mixed. At last I no longer had a soggy mess and even as a non lover of potato salad, I also found it OK. I am sure most of you have never had problems with potato salad, but this is really a case of practice for me. I think the problem was always that I never had the patience and my logistics were not so organised. It went down quite well with some frankfurters and pork sausages.

The sparrows were back yesterday and spent most of the time watching from the opposite trees. They were not really in a hurry for food. I have the feelilng that they are a little over fed and the time might be coming when they can fend for themselves. The first insects have shown themselves, but just a few creeping beetles that are probably the reconnaissance for the rest of the tribe: not enough yet to feed a flock of birds.

I spotted one small tit in the branches of a tree. He just flies back and forth to the birdhouse for a quick peck.

The sparrows prefer a laid table for their food.

Otherwise a quiet day at home. Yesterday evening I was a little late hugging the bed. They were showing the newest remake of the film “The Mummy” from 2017. Tom Cruise was playing the hero, although it took me time to realise that it was Tom Cruise. This time the mummy was a revengeful Egyptian princess that in her life had killed her father, mother, and baby brother to get to the throne. Naturally she was cursed with everything possible and due to a fluke Tom Cruise discovered her tomb and released her back to life, although she had to feed on a few humans to get her strength again. There was a female scientist to pay the leading lady, working for an organisation that was dealing with unwanted monsters. I suppose it was a bit of a silly film, but stupid me sat in front of the TV until midnight until it was finished. I hope there will be no such films this evening to capture my interest. I just love horror and science fiction.

And now to begin the Saturday tasks with a musical background from my ear buds tuned in to my favourite radio station. At the moment I am on the classical music trip, although change it at lunch time for a bit of modern rock as my No. 1 son is also listening because I do not wear my ear buds then. In between I also like to listen to some jazz on the Jazz24 sender based in Canada. Yes I have quite a versatile music taste.

It is now week-end, so try to enjoy, even if your life is composed of isolation and keeping your distance. Sometimes we can also have a good time on our own. Today no cooking experiments planned, although I will probably be baking a cake tomorrow. I was thinking of something with chocolate. Must see where the journey takes me. See you around later.