RDP Wednesday: Wisdom

Somehow this apple was forgotten on the tree. I only discvoered it this morning. It is still hanging on and I do not have the heart to remove it. Whether a wise decision or not I do not know, but it deserves to be spared from a fate worst than death. Perhaps I could take some seeds from it and plant them and a new tree will grow.

RDP Wednesday: Wisdom

Good Morning

I like to make the most of my mornings and my first action is to go outside and see what is happening. Today was no disappointment and the sun had risen on a clear sky When I was growing up in the big city of London I just saw sky, but never anything like this. I suppose the pollution in the air in the fifties made a lot of difference. There are no real advantages from our pandemic but being less traffic on the roads the air is much cleaner and it seems clearer.

My next move is to the kitchen in the morning with a view from the window onto my back garden. Nature really has wonderful ways of setting you up for the day. On the radio this morning I hear that the British naturalist, David Attenborough advised everyone to just sit outside for ten minutes silently and absorb the atmosphere of nature. He is of course right, although not everyone is where it can be done, but as I get older it is something I often do.

I was again at home yesterday with no bread or cake baking exercises. The cleaning lady was here for my kitchen, bathroom and shower. The other rooms in the appartment I do myself daily, but the awkward corners in the bathroom etc. are difficult for me and I can no longer stand on a ladder to reach the top parts.

I spent most of the evening yesterday organising my food supplies for the week-end. It seems that the last week-end has only just passed, but I like to get it done with time and choose a good delivery slot for what I need which for me is usually Friday morning. The basic food I need for the family is OK, but it is the extras that are needed which I cannot forget. I have to make sure I have the flour and yeast I need for baking bread and the fresh veg. Although I have quite a stock of frozen veg in my freezer, I prefer fresh veg when possible. The frozen veg is more for a backup. I also have to keep in mind the meat I have and whether I should stock up on a reserve. Last week I ordered a bag of potatoes and discovered I already had a full bag in the cupboard, so I have been working through them. I now have enough for the week-end and did not order any yesterday.

The birds are still visiting, although their days of food in my garden are now numbered. I am running out of bird seed and have probably ordered my last 5Kg bag for this year. Afterwards they will begin nesting and the baby birds will be getting fresh meat in the shape of insects and worms from the surroundings and my garden will no longer be so interesting.

I noticed the first blue crocus appearing in my garden. We have had such cold and freezing weather in the last week and now temperatures have at last increased. It is amazing how quickly nature overcomes the cold and as soon as the sun and warmer temperatures arrive everthing begins to burst into life in nature.

And now I am bursting into life with a few housewife chores to deal with, fixing a bread creational session into the morning and cooking lunch. Today it is hamburger with fried potato from my air friar and I will be cooking fennel as a vegeble. I was watching one of the cooking programmes yesterday on the TV and they always seem to purify veg instead of eating it as it is. Yesterday they minced down a cooked cerleriac and I have often seen the same done to fennel. I think eating veg as it is is no longer so fashionalble. I am not a fan of mashed veg and I almost never make mashed potato. I do not like it, and prefer my potatoes to look like potatoes.

May your day go as you want it to, although little problems seem to arrive when you are not expecing them. I am not really planning to go anywhere today, but who knows.