Good Morning

It snowed again early morning, a repeat performance of yesterday. The snow had completely disappeared by yesterday afternoon and I think it will do the same today. I think this is the first time in my Swiss life that I can sit back and relax and appreciate its appearance.

One of my blogging friends, Martha, wrote an interesting post about how our lives have changed under the new circumstances and she is so right. Avoiding contact with others is one of the pointers in the direction. You do your best to stay at home and avoid the illness. and life’s structures are now organising themselves to suit the situation. Who goes to the store? Of course we would, but the public is restricted and only a certain amount of people are allowed entry and, or course wear a mask and keep your distance. Many began to buy online, ordering and paying over the computer with the result that delivery slots were fully booked. I do not know how it is in your countries, but in Switerland the stores woke up, improved delivery slots and employed more to deal with the situation, which is good for the public and the economy. Where most business might be closed due to lockdown (sad for the owners) I am one of those profiting from the new situation. I no longer have to brave the weather and face the pandemic. I can stay at home and everything I need is delivered and so I can appreciate the weather. I have begun to be more independent at home and not to rely too much on the comforts of life. I began to bake my own bread. Admittedly it got off to a slow and awkward start, but now I have the routine and can do it. I just had to educate myself to learn the best process. I again began to bake my own cakes and I am also now more sensitive to not wasting food, although I never really did. My No. 1 son is a very good food processor and always finishes our remains.

Our vaccine situation in Switzerland is getting to a slow start, but everything has its reasons. At least our vaccine is reliable. I am a little shocked by some of the vaccines now being applied, as they are not holding the promised protection and not capable of shielding from new developments of the virus. Everything is going too quickly. A vaccine used to take 20 years to be perfect and now they are doing it in 20 months.

So back to the normal daily trot. My birds are still quite active and this little tit was enjoying the view from the tree yesterday.

Sometimes he likes to have a peck at the food hanging from the bird house.

I will be again baking my daily bread today, but have not yet decided which sort. Mr. Swiss likes the half white flour, I am more for the brown flour, but basically it does not make a lot of difference. Mr. Swiss says it is great now to have fresh bread in the evening: sometimes it is still a little warm from the baking process. Mr. Swiss says it is great now to have fresh bread in the evening: sometimes it is still a little warm from the baking process.

And now time to move on and see what the day will bring. I trust that your day will bring all you wish for. Sometimes it does not work out as it should, but I suppose that’s life. Just as I was preparing to go I got another visitor at the window and I am sure he would like to say hello to everyone here.