FOWC with Fandango: Invigorate

I really need something like this to invigorate and get me going for the day at the moment. After such a dismal year with a pandemic, frightened to go anywhere and see anyone and reorganise life to the degree that you almost become a hermit. I need this as an inspiration. Come on sun, do your work and brighten up my days – and life.

FOWC with Fandango: Invigorate

RDP Thursday: Sumptuous

I tend to cook sumptuous as I have a family to feed, especially at week-ends when everyone has more time to eat and enjoy. This is my pork roast before it hit the oven, so it is not yet cooked: meat, veg and a few herbs (grown in the garden of course). The bones are also there for a good sauce and they also have their advantages when cooked.

RDP Thursday: Sumptuous

Good Morning

It is a misty morning today which might mean that the way is being paved for the sun to arrive. There was even a very thin layer of ice on the water bowl I have outside for the thirsty birds. I did not have a very comfortable night. Just as I was preparing to hug the bed I felt very cold and began to shiver.This is a reaction that sometimes happens with my medical injections for MS, not very often, about once or twice a year, so I can live with it. The doc has no answer for it, but I am not alone. If it would persist I would have to do something about it, but now and again is no problem. So I grabbed a tablet and hoped that the problem would eventually disappear, although I did have an uncomfortable hour until the tablet began to work. Chills are not very pleasant especially if you are shaking. This morning everything returned to how it should be, although it is also the day of fresh linen on the beds. I have stripped mine and recovered the duvet and cushion and Mr. Swiss bed is half way there. A woman’s work is never done and Mr. Swiss cannot help very much., but it has to be done. I also noticed that my Vitamin D drops are almost at an end yesterday, so No. 1 son fetched me a refill. They are still examining whether they are helpful against Covid, but that is not why I take them. It gives me the Vitamin D I need when the sun is not here so much.

Talking of Covid I noticed that Britain is the only country that is now making trials about the effect of the illness and infecting volumteers for their experiments. Of course, it will all be under control and the volunteers are getting £4,500 for their co-operation. Money speaks all languages, but I prefer to remain Covid free and not join in with the experiments.

It was another bread baking session yestrday, although does not really give a lot of work. I mix the intredients in my machine mid morning and leave it to rise and bake it in the afternoon, producing a nice fresh warm bread for the tea in the evening. The remainder I have for breakfast the next morning. I am not sure if I will bake one today as I have spaghetti to cook with a tomato meat sauce and the beds to finish with the new linen. I like to hoover under the beds when I do it and a general clean up, although doing it regularly prevents the dust collecting.

I had another photographic session in the garden yesterday and spotted this little bird watching from the tree opposite. I think it is some sort of finch.

I also had a flying demonstration from the sparrows.although did not realise it until I uploaded the photos.

I am not sure what today will hold for me. I might even venture in the outside world to the local store and fill up with a few frozen items, although I noticed yesterday that my deep freezer is well equipped with meat and veg. In the days of pandemic and isolation my logistics are completely different.

Have a good day wherever you are or sleep well for those on the other side of the world. See you around.