Daily Prompt: Keep the Glass clean

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A walkway over part of our supermarket has a glass wall on the left. The sun was in the right place at the right time giving Mr. Swiss another opportunity to ask what I was doing as he was waiting for me. I was taking a photo of course: one of those moments in time where you just had to take the camera out of your purse and click.

Otherwise the main purpose of glass is to clean it because it attracts all sorts of marks. I have a smartphone, would be lost without it. It enables contact with Mr. Swiss if I ever lose him whilst in the supermarket. I can take photos with it and it calls me if someone posts on one of my many social sites with a ringing tone. Actually only really WordPress and Facebook, but this means very often. It is all done with a swipe of the finger on the glass cover to see who wants to say something. Fingers leave traces, oily marks, especially on glass. The glass on my iPhone shows smears eveywhere if I hold it up to the light. Luckily I have a linen cloth in the bathroom for cleaning my spectacles which I also wipe over my phone at least once a day to keep it shiny.

Glass seems to be in my life to be permently cleaned. At the front of my ground floor appartment, as well as the back, I have a glass windows forming part of the wall. I like glass windows, but glass is there to be cleaned and so I have my own system.

window cleaningAnd here it is. As it is a Swiss patent, I am not sure if it is available in other countries, but there are various cleaning sysstems all over the world. We housewives are experts at such items and I am sure we all have our own favourites. An ex neighbour of mine worked in the local drug store and I asked her for a recommendation and she said “Raab” at once. I can also buy it in this drug store as well as online, so what could be better. It is one of those new fluid hyper chemical cleanig liquids where you really only need just a drop in the water. It arrives with all sorts of various cleaning gadgets. For widows there is the window-cleaning brush. Just hold it under running warm water and sprinkle the cleaning fluid on the spongy side. Mix it with the fibres and wipe it over the window glass. Afterwards scrape off the suds with the rubber rim on the edge of the cleaning brush and you are left with a clean window. The advantage is that you do not have to rinse with clear water.

I take a cloth and wipe around the frames. In an hour I have cleaned one side of my appartment windows. I also wipe the frames at the same time. I am not a full time housewife, but do the job regularly once a week as I am not a believer in sacrificing a complete afternoon or morning on the job. Oh dear. this really sounds like instructions on how to clean windows, but WordPress said glass, and glass for me is there to be cleaned. I have a thing about glass, and it irritates me if stained.

The best examples of stains of glass are on the London subway or bus windows. I am sure if a murder was committed, the police would have difficulties finding the guilty person as they would probably have too many finger prints to analyse. Swiss bus windows and train windows are in comparison very clean, but let’s face it, they are Swiss and the Swiss invented cleaning, it is their pasttime.

Glass collectionWe even collect glass and you must be ashamed of yourself to throw glass in the garbage. It is to be collected in a separated place, away from the normal remains of life. We have various special glass collecting bins deposited in every town or village where you must bring the unwanted glass. There were even separate holes: one of brown, one for green and one for clear glass. It was only when we discovered that the collectors with their trucks mixed it together when it was collected, that we refused to organise the colours and now it all goes in the same place. Yes, we swiss are organised. Mr. Swiss goes to the depot when our bag is full. He usually combines it with the metal tin collection as the bin is in the same place.

I remember my dear old dad staying with us once in Switzerland and had an empty pill bottle. He did not throw it away but asked me if this should also go into the colletion. I explained that it was only glass bottls, as this was a small plastic bottle. These little things remain when you no longer have a dad.

And my lecture for the day is finished, all about glass.

Daily Prompt: Keep the class clean