Thursday Prompt: Teleport


On a full moon night I like to teleport
I saddle my trusty broom and polish up my wart
Some call me a witch, others get a scare
It might be my pointy hat that causes them to stare
I take my feline with me, he meows and is jet black
On the way he catches flies, they serve him as a snack
We all meet at the graveyard and then we have a dance
Round the various gravestones, we go into a trance
The broom head was struck by lightening, burning with a flame
And then I dived into a pond to cool it down and tame
I did not sink and did not drown, witches always survive
I am now 500 years old and still awake and alive
If you see me at halloween, then I only want a treat
I only eat the jelly eyeballs, so make sure they are sweet

Thursday Prompt: Teleport

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