Not so Good Morning

Morning Clouds

How wil the weather be today? I am not very pleased with it at the moment, because it is very indecisive. Yesterday afternoon I was ready for a wheelie in my chair to go into town. I was looking forward to it as I noticed there were some interesting constructions being made for our Autumn Fair as we were on our way to the supermarket.

HESO 29.08.2018

It looked interesting and I intended to get a closer look in the afternoon. So I got ready and as I left the appartment yes, it began to rain. It was a little cloudy, but not so bad and I thought it might stop in a few minutes, but it did not and so I returned and decided to forget the whole thing. Half and hour later no rain and even a little sun, but it was too late, so I was a stay at home person.

Another little problem was that my photos, which I have cancelled from the camera in the meanwhile, are missing. I must have forgot to upload them onto my online files and I only have two on my computer. Ok, nothing special, just a few from the supermarket visit, but I could have used a couple this morning.

And so it is a short offer this morning. I have now lost time searching for photos that I probably forgot yesterday.


All I can manage is one of my camera phone photos I took in the flower shop at the supermarket, the other photos seem to be non-existant. Problems of a forgetful golden oldie not doing what she should on the computer.

I am now off, out of desperation of being able to write something else. I have some cleaning to do and lunch to cook and I hope that the weather will behave today and let me out this afternoon. Travelling in a wet wheelchair is not fun and better to avoid.

I hope your day is progressing better than mine at the moment – a very disappointed Angloswiss with not much to say.

Storm Clouds

10 thoughts on “Not so Good Morning

  1. Those storm clouds look fierce, but the bright flowers are so pretty. Hope your day has gotten better as afternoon has arrived. Here it is barely 9 a.m. and looks to be another very hot day.

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  2. I learned the hard way to be very careful transferring pictures from chips to my computer. I lost a couple of sets of pictures because instead of copying and pasting, I CUT them … and then forgot to paste and they were gone from the chip and the computer.

    We’ve had endless superheat. It’s supposed to cool off tomorrow. I hope so. It’s so steamy out there, no one can breathe. The dogs won’t go out if we don’t chase them out.

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    • Inreally don’t knowcwhat indid, but luckily it was not a photo session with many photos, although there were a couple I would have liked to keep. Inhave now resolved to keep the photos on the chip until the next day that I can reupload them if I lose them. I think it is a sign of getting older.

      Our hot summer days are now finished and everything is back under control again


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