Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Old and New

M - First Apple computer - wood

There is a guy that collects old computers and other electronic equipment and has an exhibition in our town called “The World of Information” so I decided to pay a visit and he had the very first Apple Computer on display, note the wooden basis.

The Mac Book Pro

And here is my MacBook Pro, complete with Blue Tooth Mouse on the side. There is really a world of difference in the two machines.

Citroen légère

I saw this Citroen parked in town and just had to take a photo. You do not see them like that today, with the grid at the front and the well known oblique lines. It almost takes me back to the days of Georges Simonen’s  Comissar Maigret of the French Police, not quite but almost.



A Ferrari parked on our parking spaces where I live.I could not resist the temptation to shoot a few photos. Looking through the rear window of the Ferrari, you could see all the motor parts. Wow.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Old and New

16 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Old and New

  1. I finally got rid of the old computers I had collected through the years. I think I could have started my own private museum. I also had a great old typewriter with glass sides … I think my son took it home with him or sold it, not sure which. But I have old stuff. VERY old stuff and I don’t mean Garry and I 🙂 And new stuff, too! Great illustrations for this challenge. Perfect, actually.

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    • Not an easy challenge actually, to know where to begin. I have some older computers in the cellar, but mainly laptops. I gave the amiga and the commodore away to make space, now I regret it a little. I stopped keeping a lot of stuff – I suppose you cannot take it with you.


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