Flower of the Day: 25.01.2017 Small dahlias?

Chris Santini

No idea what these are, but some sort of dahlia probably. The name on the flowers said “Chris Santini” but that seems to be the name of an American footballer, and I cannot imagine he would credit for the name of a flower. Anyhow I found them something completely different and pretty.

Flower of the Day: 25.01.2017 Small dahlias?

Colour Your World: Macaroni and Cheese


If you have pasta in the kitchen and cheese in the fridge, then what could be better. Seems to be an interenational thing, although I do not remember once having eaten Mac and Cheese in England, but mum and dad were more into fish and chips. I don’t mind Mac and cheese, but not too much.

Colour Your World: Macaroni and Cheese

Daily Prompt: Ten of what??????


10 little bloggers trying to write the most
One caught a virus in the middle of a post

9 little bloggers do not know what to write
One got fed up and turned off the light

8 little bloggers hammering at the keys
One caught a cold and then began to sneeze

7 little bloggers have no words to say
One fell asleep  so he was out of the way

6 little bloggers and one began to sigh
He ran out of ideas and did not want to lie

5 little bloggers, half of them were left
one copied what his friend wrote and was then accused of theft

4 little bloggers were looking for a theme
One fell asleep and then began to dream

3 little bloggers and one began to cry
He did not know what to write, he found no reason why

2 little bloggers one felt very ill
and he was in despair and so he took a pill

1 surviving blogger was now all alone
He decided this was boring, and decided to go home

Daily Prompt: Ten of what??????

Good Morning, Goedemorgen

Something completely different. I know I intended to no longer talk politics here, it is too much of a source for discussions and disagreements, and I am here to blog and not to hold political discussions. We all have our own point of views, and I make no effort to show that I do not like the new American guy in charge, although none of my business.

However I do enjoy a good laugh and happened to come across this video from a dutch TV programme on Facebook. One of my colleagues has reproduced it on her blog and so I do not want to withhold it here. All apologies to those with different ideas, but it is so well done. The first few words in dutch, but otherwise all in english. I suppose I should be more careful what I put on my blog, you never know. If it no longer exists it is because a higher power than me made a decision it must go, because it is a fake.

And now back to real Swiss life as I know it. Today is day of shopping. I have no big plans to do something completely different. At my age I might get into the headlines in the newspapers. I will again be armed with my camera on the way to the shops. I have a busy life in front of me for the next few weeks. A visit to my doctor, a visit to my nurologist and my feline has to pay a visit to the vet for her annual jabs – although Mr. Swiss will take care of that one. We used to take all three cats at once to the vet once a year. That was an excursion that needed both of us and stratigic planning. Three cages in the car each one with a cat. It was a real excursion and we needed at least an hour until everything was conpleted. Unfortunately two of our felines have now passed onto the etnernal corn chambers, and we are left with Tabby. She seems to be quite healthy, no problems and will be celebrating her 15th birday this year in April. She also has her own WordPress site and paws every day her thoughts on the meaning of a feline life. At the moment she is sleeping to collect her ideas for today’s words of feline wisdom.

Sparrows 24.01 (4)

It is still quite cold here, although no snow, and the birds are gathering and watching all the time. I sometimes feel I am in a movie. Alfred Hitchcock seems to have put ideas in the birds’ brains. Now and again they do a communal swoop into the garden. One sparrow alone is no big problem, but 10 or more is approaching an army and they just sit a watch from the trees most of the time. I have a funny feeling sometimes. Yesterday a whole gang of sparrows arrived on the ground opposite my garden. I took an action shot, but could not get all of them into the picture. They looked quite menacing just sitting and watching.

Sparrows 24.01 (2)

Have a nice day everyone, see you around later if I am still allowed. Oh, and I also tweet, but only crosspostings from WordPress, nothing world shaking and no political manifests. I do not have enough words to say it all.