Flower of the Day: 04.01.2017 Ranunculus


There I was standing on my own in the flower department of the supermarket searching for something different – Mr. Swiss was opposite in the kiosk, so he was occupied and I could get on with taking my photos. They really do not have anything new at the moment, and then my camera, actually my mobile phone camera, made a stop at these strange flowers. I thought they might be something slowly drying up and going brown at the edges, but no: the label said Ranunculus, or something like that in German – I afterwards checked on my computer at home. I do not really know what these are, but they are something completely different.

Flower of the Day: 04.01.2017 Ranunculus


If you’ve made any New Year’s Resolutions, are any of them repeats from last year.

Empty Christmas Tent

Every single one of them. They even put up a tent in the local supermarket to sell them, two for one, if anyone is interested. They would be a bargain, like write stuff down because you are always forgetting it.

I know I said some time this week that golden oldies no longer make resolutions, because there is nothing left to resolute.That  is why Mr.Swiss and I now hover on the same cloud in the cyberworld. What I write on my notes on my telephone, he gets on his as well. I sent him an invitation to join my cloud and he accepted. This is not really a resolution, but a way of life. What I write, he sees and the other way around. If I forget something I hope he remembers it and there we stand together in the supermarket cancelling the stuff on the cloud that we have already put in the trolley.

And now I must go into the tent and see if any of my resolutions have been bought although I am giving them away for free – they cost nothing, because there is nothing there.


Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – January 4, 2017

Road to Langendorf 04.01 (19)

I would not know which way to go on this building site.

Road to Langendorf 02.01 (2)

And there are some ways I think about twice before going there.

Road to Langendorf 04.01 (23)

I like it when Mr. Swiss takes a different route home from the supermarket. He even said that I could take some different photos.This is the village of Rüttenen at the foot of the Jura mountains.

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – January 4, 2017

Color Your World – Red Orange

Removing the Christmas Decorations, Migros, Langendorf

Red Orange is the colour of our local supermarket. The assistants wear a red orange tunic over their clothes, all the advertising mainly features the colour, although to my eyes it is red orange. Dad was colour blind, my No. 2 son is colour blind and I am the carrier as women are not so affected as men, although if their father is colour blind and the mother is a carrier like me, then the daughter will also be colour blind. This is why I a running a risky thing with these colours, but according to my eyes this is red orange – I think.

By the way this was the year before last when the men were assembling the Christmas Lights on the name of the supermarket “Ladendorf” which mean shop village. And this year they had the same lights again, so nothing changes.

Migros, Langendorf

Colour your World: Red Orange

Daily Prompt: Village Crossing

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 28.11 (11)

Once upon a time there was a village, a nice village, and a road ran through it. There was a reason for the road, it connected the village to civilisation and everyone was happy. People in the village knew each other, whether you came from the bottom or the top half of the village it made no difference. All were equal in the village. As long as you paid your tax and swept the path in front of your house, you were accepted.

It came to pass that a message was sent out to the villagers. There will be repair work made on your road, your only connection to the other tribes, this lasting many moons, weeks, months and so the villagers saw the plans and were not happy. One day machines arrived and signals were set, mostly in red. The village was split and the villagers in the lower half no longer had contact with those in the higher half: families were split, cows  were separated as their fields were north and south of the road.. The chickens remained in the top half of the village together with the horses. The rooster had no problems, because his womenfolk lived together with him in the same coup in the top half of the village.

Cries were heard from the village population that now had to take upon them an increase in the voyage to the next town, as barriers were mounted preventing a crossing, or passing, of the natural road. The alternative was to depart in the opposite direction, annointing the neighbouring villages with an increase of noise and smells of opressive traffic passing through their sacred roads. Of course there was an alternative. The powers that be announced a scenic route, crossing the mountin pass. Here the air was cleaner, the paths were empty except for the cows crossing the road, including a few chickens and  some frogs that were planning to go to their fertility grounds in the pond. The mountain peace was soon to be broken by the sound of motors, smell of gas, and yes, there were a few accidents on the way.

There was a meeting and it seemed that the village tribe had now been split. There were disagreements and jealousy. Those in the bottom half of the village had no problem to take the continuation of the road to town, but those in the top half of the village discovered that their escape route had been blocked, the were cut off from civilisation and shops. A conference was called to eliminate this disagreement, but unfortunately it would mean that the villagers would have to cross the main road to reach the other side to be able to discuss and this was no longer possible.

Feldbrunnen roadworks 24.11 (3)

And so the village was divided, neighbours no longer had the opportunity to talk to each other and meet on the village green and there were scenes of hugs and kisses in the shops when villagers that had managed to escape from the village met in town at the supermarket after having no contact for some time.

One day, when the village had now resigned to its fate, the villagers had sunk into an undisturbed sleep. They awoke later than usual, were astonished that the noise of road machinery, drills and asphalt spreaders had disappeared. Silence reigned in the village and the village tribe was worried. Was it the end of the world as they knew it, had civilisation ceased to exist?

Of course not. There was rejoicing in the streets, plans for a reunion party, the world was in order. The invaders had left the village, withdrawn their machines. They had left behind a road with a new perfect flat surface, with five new crossings for the local railway, and everything was in order. Rumour had it that the invaders had been threatened by the sheriff of the village, who had now taken to carrying a shotgun, as well as his pistols, to end the work otherwise there would be blood to pay as a penalty. He fired a warning shot to underline the seriousness of his statement. Rumour has it that he ran the workers out of town, and they would never be seen again: at least not for at least 20 years when road repairs would again be necessary.

And so endeth the ballad of the village crossing.


Daily Prompt: Village Crossing

Good Morning


I drag myself out of bed, open the blinds to see if the world is still there (it was) and grope my way into real life once again. I have a new morning duty, I check on my amaryllis. Did it survive the night? Is it having problems producing the flowers? And so the second task is  to take its photo, documenting every step in its life. I now have three promises of flowers, and there is a fouth which cannot be seen on the photo, on the other side. Yes life is exciting at home, there is action everywhere.

I was not so happy with my breakfast this morning. The last shopping safari was two days ago when we bought bread. Yesterday was not a bread buying day and generally that is OK. There is always enough and we even have enough left for the crows and magpies outdoors. They have got accustomed to their breakfast, although it is not supposed to be good for them, but they do not seem to be fussy. Humans have been feeding them leftovers from the kitchen since at least 100 years, even my grandmother did it, and they still come back for more.

Anyhow this morning the birds were happy and contented with their breakfast, but I was not. When I arrived in the kitchen Mr. Swiss had already been busy preparing the bread and produced two pieces which were still edible for mankind, actually meaning my breakfast. The rest were too dried up for human consumption. I must say the two slices reserved for my breakfast, were also borderline cases, but I managed to swallow them, washed down with a cup of tea to soften them that they did not stick in my throat. I have added bread to the shopping list today.

Since we have the list on a phone cloud it functions well. Mr. Swiss writes what he finds necessary and so do I. No more scraps of paper with unidentifiable squiggles that should be qualified as handwriting. Now it is perfectly clear. You now see Mrs. and Mrs. Anglo-Siws walking around the supermarket, both with a mobile phone each in their hands as a guide to the shopping. Now and again we pause to eliminate the articles already in the trolly. Yes, we have become cyber golden oldies with a mission.

Mr. Swiss got a message on his computer this morning that he was entering a dangerous web site with suspicious content. I immediately looked over his shoulder to see where he had gone surfing and it was Google Chrome. You cannot even trust Google these days. Perhaps they are an arm of the CIA and we are on the list of the 10 most wanted Cyber Golden Oldie Criminals – at last fame. I also noticed a note on Facebook that even Facebook register all the places where we go on their site to make sure we are encouraged to see what they want us to see, by studying our likes and dislikes. A solution was supplied how to eliminate the traces we leave behind. I had a look and did not really get the hang of it, so decided that after at least 10 year Facebook manipulation I have survived, the next 10 years will not be so bad, and who knows if I still belong to Facebook when I am 80 years old.

And now to other death defying adventures, sucking up the remainders of yesterday with my vacuum cleaner and venturing into the unknown discoveries of the supermarket.Yes, life can be dangerous, but armed with a mobile phone, a camera, and a purse, everything can be conquered

Have a good day everyone and remember, if you survive the next two days, you can relax as it wil then be the week-end, at least I think so, I will have to check. These things seem to get lost when you no longer have weeks without weekends.

Snow in Front Garden 03.01 (6)