Daily Prompt: A private life

Crows 2017 (23)

Privacy no longer exists, there is always someone watching to see what you are doing next. We are now part of the 1984 world once featured in a book by George Orwell. I remember my first encouter with this book was some time in the early sixties, although it was already published in 1949.Then it all seemed so far away. Then 1984 arrived, a year featured in a book and we were all laughing –  nothing became true, just a good book with good ideas.

“Big brother is watching you”? Forget it. Countries still had their own independent governments and if you were lucky your government was letting you live and let live. It made no difference what your belief or colour was, you could carry on as usual. But wait there was something new approaching. The computer had arrived and we were all happy to be part of this wonderful new system. It made work easier, our kids loved it and we even had so-called social sites. We were now someone, we could tell everyone how our day had progressed, what we had for dinner, where we were going for a holiday. There was an audience ready to congratulate you if you passed an examination or a driving test. You had met the man of your life, so tell everyone about it, and you were getting married.

Perhaps you were not so happy, someone was annoying you on this social site with nasty remarks – no problem, just delete them, unfriend them. Your husband might not be treating you as he should, deceiving you. Tell everyone about it on the computer social site, and with photos to illustrate it all.

One day someone discovers that the photos  you are showing on your private space on the computer for all to see, as no longer private. Rumours are arriving that your social site is keeping these photos in their own vault to be used for advertising purpose. Of course you are annoyed, but if you delete your site you delete all your followers and messages and what do you want to do all day? You will also lose contact with those lost relations and schoolfriends you had found again. Life becomes boring. There are cases of mobbing, of stalking, and all the time this is happening Big Brother is watching. Nothing more is private, there are no secrets. And you tell me 1984 never happened.

To put a positive side to this, Today thousands of woman are marching in various places all over the world as a universal protest. America has a new president and he is closing down anything that does not agree with his ideas – have we been there before in another time and another country? I am proud of these marches and I wish the ladies all the success they deserve. They are marching for me, for many of us. There were demonstrations in Turkey this week and the police were a little astonished, because the demonstrations were silent. People just stood in the main square and said nothing, did not protest.

Perhaps social media has its positive side. An online friend of mine in the States has travelled from Ohio to Washington today. The closing words of her posting on Facebook are “May today, not yesterday, be the start of something new” and we can only hope that this is the case.

Daily Prompt: A private life

Good Morning

Footprints in Snow

I have discovered strange footprints in the garden. I often find pawmarks from various felines,  even claw marks from birds, but these are in the middle of the garden and cut through the snow. If Mr. Swiss goes on a walk through the snow he tends to remain at the edge and does no cut across the garden, and these are not human footprints. I asked Mr. Swiss and he found it could be a dog or a fox. We have no dogs here and foxes keep themselves to themselves usually. Foxes do not have such big feet. I am convinced that we have some sort of mysterious creature walking rhough the garden in the night.


I just checked on my birdhouse, but the sparrows are having breakfast, and do not seem to be worried. Perhaps it is my imagination and I have been reading too many mysterious books, or watching too many horror films on the TV.

Yesterday was a week-end shopping day, although both of us did not really feel like it. Our colds are gradually receding, but we are still breaking all records in the usage of handkerchiefs. We eventually managed to put together a list of things we wanted to eat over the week-end, although both of us have no real appetite. Yesterday evening we decided on those little cheese tarts with soup, and Mr. Swiss passed a remark that the soup is now becoming monotonous, as we seem to be eating soup at least three times a week – I had to agree. When we had finally completed our shoping safari, we were both glad to arrive again at home.

I did not watch the Trump inauguration yesteray on our TV and neither did Mr. Swiss. It might have been a historical/hysterical moment in history, but cartoon characters were never my thing, as I cannot take this man seriously. There was a political discussion on Swiss TV yesterday evening about the immigrants in Switzerland that are now in the third generation and should be given Swiss citizenship. The funny thing is that most of them do not even want it. I found the complete discussion boring and no-one really had anything useful to say. We can all have a vote on it some time in the future being a direct democracy.

I now have things to do and places to go, like a living room, bathroom, and cleaning through the place. Funny how you realise these things are really not so important, when you feel under the wearther. My head now resembles a church hall, full of resonance and echoes. The cold is receding and leaving behing empty spaces. I booked my doctor’s appointment yesterday for my test to see if I am still capable of driving a car at the age of 70. I then discovered that this is not a one off, but must be repeated every 2 years. Mr.Swiss said I should not despair. Our neighbour, that is now over 90 years old, is still driving a car, and if she can do it, so can you.

And now to move on, see you around, enjoy the day and keep an eye on those mysterious footprints in the snow – you never know.