Flower of the Day: 15.01.2017 Orchid


This was a mini orchid. The lady in the flower shop told me they were a new arrival and she only got them on the day I took the photograph. Yes, they know me now and are very friendly when I am taking my photos. She told me they now have a new boss, a very nice guy, so I hope he does not mind the lady with the camera.

Flower of the Day: 15.01.2017 Orchid

Colour Your World: Copper


I suppose there is nothing like the real thing. In my younger days in England we had copper coins. The english penny was even known as a “copper” which for some reason was also the slang name for an english policeman. However, english money changed and just before I left England it was becoming decimal.

The copper coins are still there, but not like they used to be. Pennies have remained, but I do not think the new generation refers to them as coppers, because they are often not made of copper. I went through my collection of english money and found the above. Note Queen Elizabeth’s head on the coins. I remember the days, when I was a kid, that we still had pennies with King George and King Edward in circulation.

Colour Your World: Copper

Daily Prompt: The Exquisity of having a photographic hobby


I never thought that photography would one day be called a “hobby” in my life. Such things were never really encouraged at home. Photography was a brownie box camera, black and white photos, and developped at the local chemist/drug store. The photos were of family members, holiday situations showing dad, mum and/or me. There was no imagination used, you were saving memories to show everyone when you returned home from the holiday, or somehing for the days gone by. I would say that the thing about memories is very good. Without the photos from my days of childhood with mum and dad, I would have nothing to remember them by.

However fast forward to the day when the digital camera arrived and Mr. Swiss found it was a must. It was a very elementary thing at the beginning and then he bought something better – a Panasonic Lumix, the silver coloured one third from the left at the front. This too was no longer good enough and he replaced it asking me if I wanted the predecessor. I did not look the gift horse very long in the mouth, and decided why not. I then discovered that digital was quite useful and so I began to take photos everywhere and anywhere. I soon gripped the possibilities of an upload onto the computer, and my deal with digital photography was completed. I do not think I would have ever got into photography otherwise, because I had no contact to photographic people, with knowledge of developing your own photos. I would have bee too lazy in any case. In the meanwhile I have given Mr. Swiss my Canon super digital camera that I bought, as I have progressed to better things. He accepted, but has given it back to me, saying he can always use it if necessary. He now mainly uses his mobile camera on the phone.

This was a beginning of an exquisite relationship between me and photography. I decided with time the hand me down from Mr. Swiss no longer met my requirements and so I progressed to a “bridge” camer, again a Panasonic lumix. I enrolled in photography classes in the local evening school and took my bridge camera with me, realising that everyone else was into DSLR with their mainly Canon cameras, although the guy in charge was a Nikon man, and also happened to live in my village.

It was an eight week course, but I learned a bit more and of course, afterwards I bought my first DSLR camera, which was a Nikon D7000. You need lens for such a camera – so I began with two, a so-called 80-105 for normal photos and a 200 hundred for things that were further away. Photography is an expensive hobby. Cutting a long story short, last year I invested in my Macro lens and afterwards a 300 zoom lens. I also got a smaller Nikon camera, as dragging my Nikon D7000 camera around my neck was weighing me down and I chose the smaller Nikon D3000 which I have never regretted. The lens I had are interchangeable and it is handy to take everywhere in my handbag.

I now use my heavier, bigger Nikon D7000 for my macro lens, as that lens is heavy and larger.

And so it came to pass that I had collected camera bags, lens and cameras everywhere. I finally deicide to re-oganise my exquisite collection. I began yesterday and realised that just one shelf was not enough. Today I finished the job, by fitting it into two shelves. I had a lot of boxes from various cameras which I have now removed to the hobby room in the cellar. I now have all my cameras and lens with various chargers and other spare parts altogether in my cupboard. I realised I had two wonderful lens from my Nikon D7000 that I had almost forgotten, both having some sort of vibation reduction on them to compensate shaking when taking a photo.

Be warned, never accept a digital camera from anyone, it could lead to complications and could become quite expensive

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 13.01 (15)

As said eveywhere and anywhere, just passing by the local cathedral in the car and shot a photo.

Daily Prompt: The Exquisity of having a photographic hobby

Good Morning

Clearing snow

Sorry for the almost panorama view on the photo, but it was one of those mad moments when I was searching for my senses, just having left my bed, and heard the noise of the snow machine outside the bedroom window. Being dressed in my night dress and not resembling Caroll Baker in the film “Baby Doll” I did not lift the blinds, and took a photo with my mobile phone camera in between. I took at least 8 photos to make sure I got what I wanted. I have been trying for a snow clearing action photo for some time, but the plough only appears when I am not ready. I decided this morning it was now or never.

It makes a change from photos of blackbirds, as at the moment that is all the action I am getting outside the kitchen window. Mr. Swiss spread some goodies this morning, their favourite “fat” food with the oats and seeds, and now they are having a pecking competition in the snow to see who finds the most. There are a few sparrows cheering them on from the tree, where they are hanging onto the net containing the food ball. It is really action in front of the window at the moment. The crows and magpies are out in the snow covered landscape looking on in sympathy at the small fry. Mr. Swiss just remarked we have a real bird “mecca” in our back yard.

Yesterday evening I at last organised my cameras and their attachments in the cupboard where I had decided to put them. I moved the stuff in the cupboard to the bottom drawer and removed my camera stuff from the bottom drawer. I then realised that my cameras needed more room in the cupboard, so had to rethink my logistics. In the meanwhile I have found a solution I hope and will have another try today. I discovered two lens that I had almost forgotton I had. I also found three camera bags, which I never really need, but can use them for keeping the bits and pieces that belong to the camera. I have endless attachement wires for transporting photos from the camera to the computer which I never need, because this cyber golden oldie does it all with the chip in the camera. I must lead a boring life, when I occupy myself with such stuff.

And now to the work. Today I have a special Angloswiss pork roast which I would like to have in the oven within the next quarter of an hour, so I should make a move, preparing the veg and the meat. Today I am not going anywhere because I am homebound due to snowy circumstances. It is not snowing at the moment, but we now have at least 10 centimeters so not exactly inviting when you need a stick to support you.