Flower of the Day: 23.01.2017 Blue Rose

Blue rise

They seem to arrive in all shapes, sizes and now colours. This is a real rose, not something artificial, and I saw it in an arrangement in the local store. I do not know how they do it, but it might well be dyed. Anyhow I found it looked very attractive, although not so natural.

Flower of the Day: 23.01.2017 Blue Rose

Colour Your World: Tan

Roast porkbefore the oven 15.01 (2)

This was the pork before it was cooked in the oven. I was doing roast pork for dinner and had all the ingredients in the casserole ready for baking. I had already seared the pork to close the pores and now it was just a matter of slow cooking for 2-3 hours until lunch time. My pork already had a sun tan at the beginning of its journey, partially also from the mustard with which I coat it before searing it in the pan..

I also threw a few bones in for a good saucce and the rosemary twig and sage was from my garden, which I managed to uncover from the snow masses. This was two weeks ago for Sunday lunch. Before roasting I add some white wine. When finished I thicken the sauce and serve usually with noodles, or some sort of pasta, although fried potatoes are also OK.

Colour your world: Tan

Share Your World – January 23, 2017

Do you prefer juice or fruit?

Cranberry juiceNeither nor actually. I do not like fruit juice so much. The only juice I drink is cranberry juice. All my life I had problems with my waterworks: continuous attacks of cystitis. These disappeared after my big operation. I read somewhere that cranberry juice is very benefical for such problems and since many years I drink just a 1-2 deciliter a day. A bottle lasts me about 3-4 days and I really feel the benefit.

I do not drink any other  juice. The cranberry juice I drink is from the original fruit, perhaps more in the smoothie line of things, although still liquid and very organic (although I am not really an organic type of person).

Otherwise I rarely eat fruit or drink any sort of juice. I must admit I do enjoy a glass of coca cola now and again, but plain water from the tap is just as good. There is always enough and it costs nothing. I used to drink mineral water with the bubbles, but found it was something and nothing. So give me a glass of plain water any time.

Did you grow up in a small or big town? Did you like it?


I grew up in London, so it cannot get bigger as far as towns go. At the time I yearned for clean air and the country, but I was only a kid, and London was definitely not clean. The only trees were in the parks and the only plants were a few that we had in the garden. Otherwise it was more weeds on the bombed ruins of houses left from the war which were my playgrounds.

Reflecting on it all, I realise what a wealth of benefits London had for me, in the historical way. It was all there to see: museums, monuments, churches, things that people now go on holiday to visit as tourists, and I lived in the middle of it all. I know London perfectly, growing up in the East End near the River Thames and the Tower of London just half an hour to walk from where I lived.

If you were to paint a picture of your childhood, what colors would you use?

Grey: the houses were grey, there was brick dust in the air. The pavements were light grey, the pigeons were grey. My mum liked to dress me in bright colours, probably as a contrast, but she never had any dress sense. And when it rained in London, which it did very often, the skies were grey. I think we had a few days of blue skies in Summer, but they had to poke through the grey roof tops.

Ways to Relax List: Make a list of what relaxes you and helps you feel calm.

Who wants to relax and feel calm? After lunch I take a golden oldie 1-2 hours in bed. I do even more than relaxing – I sleep and I could not be calmer. Otherwise I need some sort of action. If I am not at the computer, I am reading a book, cleaning or cooking. I like to be occupied with something. In the evening the TV might be running, but not really for me. I like to watch East Enders, a BBC British programme. I do not really do relaxing, I can do that when I sleep. I often read a book when everyone else is watching TV. I used to enjoy going for a walk, but in Winter it is almost out of the question. I need support with a cane, and in the snow and ice it is not so good. However, when summer returns I will be out and about again with my camera making the world unsafe. Relax? there is a time and place for everything.

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

I think I will have to skip this one as I cannot think of anything I was grateful for last week except for survival. This week I am at the doctors for my examination to see if I am still mentally fit to drive a car at the age of 70. We all have to do it in Switzerland, every two years. That will be fun – I have not driven a car for at least half a year, I let Mr. Swiss do it. I do not like driving, but he finds it would be a shame if I lost my licence. I have to walk backwards in the test – I cannot even walk forwards in a straight line – how will that one work out?

Share Your World – January 23, 2017

Daily Prompt: Wrong Place Wrong Time

Sparrow in supermarket

A usual Monday morning in the supermarket. Nothing particularly interesting. A re-union with our butcher, who was waiting for family AngloSwiss to arrive. We moved on to the vegetables and on the way there he was, the intruder. He was not really an intruder. He just took the wrong path and fluttered through one of the spaces from outside to inside where he or she was overwhelmed by the choice of goodies and pecking opportunities. The sparrow was perched on the ground taking a look at the overwhelming rows of nicely packed food.

This was a chance not to be ignored. Mr. Swiss walked on and I pulled out my mobile telephone and began to shoot photos. I would have liked to have taken some photos with my camera which I also had in my bag,  but was unsure how long the sparrow would be my model. There was a golden oldie couple also choosing their goods from the supermarket shelves. I became an object of attention naturally. I suppose normal people do not take photos in a supermarket. They make a sour face of unapproval – a sparrow flying around in a supermarket, how unhygenic. Actually the male golden oldie did smile when he saw me taking photos of the sparrow, but his wife ignored me with disapproval.

Sparrow in supermarket

The sparrow paused and made a discovery: something a human would have ignored, not being qualified as food. However, sparrows live in other proportions, size is relative and even if we do not even notice a crumb of food, the sparrow does. It is nutrition, so have a peck and swallow it, there might be more where this came from.

In the meanwhile the sparrow decided on a flight and ascended to the ribs of the roof, which were ideal perches for a “bird’s eye view”. Unfortuntaely he was now too high and too far for a clear sharp photo. I tried, but they resembled a fluffy blurr instead of a sparrow regarding the supermarket from the skeleton of the ceiling.

It returned and I continue to take photos. The gold oldie couple were now moving on. Did I see the female shaking her head thinking that sparrows really did not belong in supermarkets. Her partner moved on with her, he just wanted a quiet life. I also moved on and passed the meat counter again. Seeing the assistant I told her of my discovery of a sparrow in the supermarket, I was full of admiration for the sparrow naturally. She said “is he still here” with no great enthusiasm, so I deduced it was probably a normal situation. Sparrows just do not follow the rules it seems. They are continuously making mistakes, vicims of oversights, although perhaps in sparrow psychology it was judged as a lucky break. They had discovered the land of milk and honey and were not prepared to go, until everything had been tried.

We left the supermarket, after I stayed a while in the flower department to see if they had anything worth a photo – they did. On the way Mr. Swiss informed me that probably not everyone has so much pleasure seeing a sparrow in a supermarket as I do, as they might not even approve of me taking photos of the sparrow. After all the sparrow was an intruder, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was sure that the sparrow was happy to be where he was and was absolutely not of the same opinion.

Daily Prompt: Wrong Place Wrong Time

Good Morning/Guten Morgen

Frost in Feldbrunnen 22.01 (1)

We are living in frosty times at the moment, speaking locally of course. Yesterday I took a glance out of the window and saw that the forest at the end of my settlement had put on its deep winter coat. Either you think, “blimey it’s cold out there” or you think, that would make a great photo – perhaps something for a Pulitzer prize. I dived into my cameras, decided on a neat 200 lens as the 300 would not have captured such details, and this is the result. I also took a few photos with my mobile phone camera. I just took another look out of the window and the frost is still there. Mr. Swiss said this morning we have -7°C and it will probably not go over freezing point, 0°C, today. It does not really bother me. I do not feel cold indoors and not even when I go anywhere.

I finished my book, The Essex Sepent, yesterday evening. It was something completely different. An online colleague wrote a very good critic of the book on her site, which I chanced upon. However it was written in German, which is not a problem for me. I was drawn to the book because of the title. Essex is a county/state bordering on the East of London and I have many attachments to Essex. My parents move out to Essex when their house was demolished in Bethnal Green in the slum clearance programme and many of my uncles and aunts were already living there.

However the part of Essex where they lived became part of Greater London, and the Essex referred to in the book was more into the coastal regions. I was thinking on terms of science fiction with this book, but it was more into human directions. It took place in Victorian times, no problem, I love Victorian times. It was more a story  revolving around families, social situations of the time, a village and various aspects of Victorian life. Even Bethnal Green was involved, the part of London where I grew up, as one of the characters lived there and his social background became part of the events. Generally for me it was something completely different. I found it a good book, but not more, perhaps not my sort of thing.

I have now discovered a police series by Helen Durrant, involving two police officers, man and woman. All her books in this series begin with the word “Dead”, I have the first book in the series “Dead Wrong” so it sounds nicely morbid and promising.

I still have a remainder of the dreaded, a head cold which tends to travel to the throat now and again causing an annoying cough in the middle of the night. I could say it has improved, if it were not for the annoying cough. Today they are letting me out again, so I will probably wear my woolly hat. I do not like wearing hats, it is not me, and it irritates my head when wearing it. On the other hand Mr.Swiss finds at my age, it is no longer so important. I am still working out what he actually meant. Anyhow he accompanied me on my hat wearing excursion so it cannot be so bad. He always wears his english “Andy Capp” when we go out in Winter, the head gear of every working class englishman, although he is probably one of the only Swiss wearing one. He was talking about getting a cap with ear flaps. Yes, we are all getting older.

And now to move on, there are places to go and things to do. “Yes vacuuum cleaner I am coming, just be patient.”. These household gadgets seem to develop a life of their own.

Keep safe everyone, see you around.