Would you rather win an Oscar or a Nobel prize?Pat

A very good question, but somehow I do not see myself acting gracefully enough to accept the prize and would probably trip over my long dress when accepting.

Oscar: I would have to wear an evening dress and real high healed shoes, elegant and made of leather, so let’s forget it. Or can you wear blue jeans and a t-shirt with addidas or Sketchers on your feet? No, let’s forget Oscar. I would also have to thank my mother, and father. Mum could be a good actress if she was at a party and had enough to drink to get merry enough and dad could sing well, but not really an encouragement to my acting career.

Nobel: I have been known to be quite inventive now and again. Do you get a Nobel prize for bringing up kids and doing housework for 40-50 years? No, then forget it. Mr. Swiss finds I I can roast pork quite well, with all the trimmings, and bake quite a good cake.

Pulitzer: Yes, you forgot the Pulitzer -now that would be my thing. I think that covers writing and photography and I do that every day, although no-one has discovered me yet and I am still waiting. Does Pulitzer include blogs in their programme? OK, forget it, but I put up the photo of me taking a photo for a professional touch and to convince the judges. After all what Ansel Adams and David Bailey did, so can I. I have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Old and New

M - First Apple computer - wood

There is a guy that collects old computers and other electronic equipment and has an exhibition in our town called “The World of Information” so I decided to pay a visit and he had the very first Apple Computer on display, note the wooden basis.

The Mac Book Pro

And here is my MacBook Pro, complete with Blue Tooth Mouse on the side. There is really a world of difference in the two machines.

Citroen légère

I saw this Citroen parked in town and just had to take a photo. You do not see them like that today, with the grid at the front and the well known oblique lines. It almost takes me back to the days of Georges Simonen’s  Comissar Maigret of the French Police, not quite but almost.



A Ferrari parked on our parking spaces where I live.I could not resist the temptation to shoot a few photos. Looking through the rear window of the Ferrari, you could see all the motor parts. Wow.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Old and New

Daily Prompt: The Snowy Uneven


Today is a very uneven day. We are under attack from the snow, yes it has arrived. Last year it was biding its time, but punctually as always it arrived with a little foretaste on 3rd January just to make us feel uneasy. Me, no never, well just a little bit. As long as I do not have to go out in the snow, and only because I want to, at a sensible time when the roads are safe, I do not mind the snow. After lunch I ventured to the great outdoors with my camera. You do not see this sort of thing  in summer, so I made the most of it. At the moment I am sitting at my desk watching through the window.

Front gatden snow

Silly Mrs. Angloswiss just ventured outside, not far, with a tape measure to see how deep it was. It began through the night some time, made a pause of an hour during the morning and now we have achieved the uneven surface at a depth of 7-8 centimetres, although I only measured it from the edge, not wanting to get my house shoes (comfortable soft Sketchers) wet. This is all a plan I am sure. There is no wind, so the snow is falling straight down, flocky. We are under attack.

Rosemary in snow

This is my rosemary in my herb garden. Yesterday it was standing up straight ready to be picked for the next dish. I will now have to give it a shake before cutting a stalk to get rid of the snow. Of course this whole snow thing has a good side as well. I can take photos, which I have been doing since lunch time. The photos on this blog are live, as I took them quickly with my mobile phone camera which I can instantly upload through the Flickr app. The others will be processed later in the afternoon.


The tree in front of the window also got its fair share of the snow. Our local man has been busy with his mini snow plow, clearning the paths, although they are still too uneven for me and my cane. His snow plow makes a loud noise, which awoke me from me golden oldie midday sleep.  I should now enquire if I can order a miniature tennis racket to mount on the tip of my cane to stop slipping on the uneven snow surface, although Mr. Swiss finds it would be safer if I just look behind the window. He even gets nervous when I go out on the covered porch with my camera – something about slipping and falling.

My No. 1 son just said goodbye as he is going on his usual trip to town in the afternoon. He will  be walking, so he was dressed for the occasion with his thick soled winter boots and warm jacket, and his baseball hat. I thought a woolly hat would be more appropriate, but he is into baseball hats. We mothers do not understand these things I suppose.


I am now snow bound, so will watch the show from inside looking out. Thank goodness I am no longer a working woman. The snow days were the days when I hated the stuff because I had to go to work, I had a snow complex. Now I quite like it. It is like living in a scene from the TV Movie Fargo at our place (without the murders), but it is Switzerland – the country famous for cheese, alps, yodelling and yes, of course, snow.

Daily Prompt: The Snowy Uneven

Good Morning

Icicle 08.01 (3)

I think the birds have now reached their limit on food. In the early morning Mr. Swiss now braves the snow and ice to reach the bird house and fill it with the daily ration of seeds. There used to be a time when the birds would wait for breakfast, now they cannot be bothered. Are they perhaps overfed? I have come to the conclusion they are living the good life with us. Perhaps the snow clad roof and the icicle on the side is bothering them. This morning Mr. Swiss only had to fill up half of the seeds. Generally everything is gone after 2 hours. The crows and magpies still arrive for the morning bread ration, which they are not suppose to be eating because it contains salt, but they thrive, although it seems the blackbirds are now moving in on the territory.

It snowed again through the night. Mr.Swiss made the comment this morning “I am sure you are glad you no longer have to go to work in this weather” and how right he is. I remember the days, about 8 years ago was the last memory, when I would move off on the 5 minute drive which became almost 30 minutes, because of the road conditions. Early in the morning is not the time when the road cleaners work and everything is frozen. Today I can enjoy the snow, I even find it pretty.

Yesterday I was in the supermarket taking my usual photos of the latest arrivals in the plant world for my blogs and a lady, golden oldie like myself, asked me why I was taking the photos. I explained that I collect them for my blog (I think I used another word, as most golden oldies do not understand the word “blog” especially if they are Swiss golden oldies) and she nodded with a smile on her face, either thinking I was an eccentric or just plain crazy.

Yesterday evening I spent the time in front of the TV with my iPad, at last sorting my photos of various birds. I had them all grouped together and discovered it was much easier in the comfort of my chair to sort them on the iPad, instead of concentrating on the computer. I now have them in sections named by the various bird sorts, like sparrows, blackbirds, pigeons etc. etc. Little things please little minds I suppose. Mr. Swiss had recorded the last two episodes of my female british crime series with the two lady police officers. It was not as good as the first parts as their boss had now gone into retirement.  Actually I have a book to read on my Kindle, but am not in the mood for reading at the moment.

And now I am off, yes today is a work day, with a bathroom and kitchen to clean – but at the end of the day it is all done and I can return to being a normal domesticated golden oldie with a computer.

Have fun with whatever you are doing, and make the most of it, life is too short to get annoyed about cleaning stupid bathrooms and kitchens – at least that is what I try to tell myself.

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 19.01 (1)