Flower of the Day: 27.01.2017 Bromelia


I never realised that bromelias came in so many different colours. They are an interesting plant, have flowers, produce seeds and when they a finished begin all over again in the joints of the leaves. I have a bromelia at home that finished flowering last year, but is now producing three new bromelias. I am keeping an eye on it to see what happens.

Flower of the Day: 27.01.2017 Bromelia

Colour Your World: Neon Carrot

Neon Carrot

Mr. Swiss and Mrs. Anglosiwss  are conversing.

“What are you doing with that carro? Are you cooking it with tonights meal?”

“No, it certainly wouldn’t go well with creamed mushrooms on toast.”

“Then what do you need it for?”

“A challenge. For a photo. Do we have a lamp or torch anywhere?”

“There are plenty of lamps here.”

“Yes but I need one where I can target the light on the carrot. It is for a photo.”

“Ah, I see, another one of your projects.”

“Sort of, so do we have a torch.”

“Yes there is one in the dish in the hall.”

“How does it work.”

“You have to press the end.”

“Ah I see.”

“If you press it twice you get a stronger light.”

I pressed it twice and the result is above, my neon carrot. If you realised the obstacles I have to conquer for colouring my world. Thank goodness I have an understanding husband, as soon as I say challenge and photo, he is in the picture. Poor man what he has to put up with having a blogger as wife.

Colour Your World: Neon Carrot

Photo Challenge: Repurpose, Aunt Lil’s Biscuit Barrel

Biscuit Barrel

This is Aunt Lil’s biscuit barrel, at least that is what Aunt Lil called it. Aunt Lil was married to Uncle Arthur and they had no children, so now and again she would distribute her treasures amongst her nieces and nephews. I left England for Switzerland, and married a few years later, but it was just me and Mr. Swiss at the wedding and no members of my family, so no wedding presents at the time.

One day I was visiting my famile in England and Aunt Lil asked if I would like her biscuit barrel. I had no idea what that was, but she said it was made of glass and I could have it. It was not just glass. Aunt Lil never bought rubbish and so this biscuit barrel was a heavy piece of glass, but we made a parcel of many layers of paper and packed it in our case to take back to Switzerland after the holiday. I was sure that this biscuit barrel in its life had never seen a biscuit, or contained one, and so it was when it arrived in our home.

It sat many months on the cupboard and through some sort of special offer in the local supermarket we were collecting marbles with our purchases. I think the idea was to play with these marbles, as they all had a special design on them, but my kids had long grown into adults and grandchildren were not yet on the horizon. Someone had the brilliant idea of putting the marbles in Aunt Lil’s biscuit barrel, which we did. I am not sure but from the weight of this biscuit barrel empty, it might be crystal glass, who knows. Aunt Lil and Uncle Arthur are now long gone, but I have the biscuit barrel in their memory.

Photo Challenge: Repurpose, Aunt Lil’s Biscuit Barrel

Daily Prompt: Ban the Filters

Sun and moon

So let’s see what we can filter today: I filtered the sun by taking an instant photo with my mobile telephone camera, and got the moon as well. At least I think it is the moon. Strange things happen in the sky now and again. The sun is shining again, after missing for a few days. I love experiments, so I held the camera facing the sun and presssed the button. I had no idea what I was taking a photo of because I was blinded by the sun and this is the result. The sun is on the left at the corner of the building opposite and then I saw a white dot on the top righthand side.

No landings of extra terrestrials were reported in the media so we can eliminate that one. Switzerland is at peace with the world more or less as most people never find us, mistake us for Germany or France, and sometimes even Italy. It is nice that way. You remain inconspicuous. No-one wants to wall you in or even close you down, because they do not really realise we are there. Unless you have a bank account and want to avoid paying taxes. Then we can have our advantages, but I am not really sure how it works, so I cannot give any details. Ask your government, they might know.

Anyhow this dot on the horizon must be the moon, although that is usually reserved for night. Moons do not appear during the day, unless you live on another planet, like Mars, they have two moons which probably take it in turns to appear. Today I captured our moon at 3.00 p.m. It must be the moon, unless one of the neighbours kids let a balloon loose in the sky. Scientifically speaking it probably caught the reflection when I took the photo.

What else do I filter? We filter water, because if you do not you have these ugly calcium marks left behind when you boil water or leave water in a dish.

If I made coffee from coffee beans myself, I would have a filter for the process, but I do not drink coffee. It does not like me. I drink tea which arrives in a bag and all it needs is hot water, no filtering. As writing long detailed works about filters is not easy I had a look in Internet. There are thousands of different sorts of filters. We are swamped in filters, they are everywhere. If we are not careful they will take over and the human race will eventually be filtered away, we will be diluted, transformed into particles floating in the air.

I have just realised that this is a very important subject to tackle. Be warned, the filters are coming, they know no mercy. We should organise universal marches against the filter movement. Down with filters.

I think this filter problem is running away with me. The things I write for a daily prompt.

Water filter

I found a filter. I tell you they are everywhere. This one was hiding in the cupboard with the boiler. Never trust a filter.

Daily Prompt: Ban the Filters

Good Morning, Buongiorno

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 25.01 (2)

The snow remains, but it does not change so much. The frosty designs on the trees are now gone, which is a shame as they looked so pretty. The photo was taken as we were leaving our estate this week. Yesterday I did not go anywhere or do anything particular.

I was quite happy when composing my shopping list for the week-end as I actually had ideas what to cook. I noticed this week a few special offers in the supermarket and will be taking advantage. So yesterday evening I sat down with my app on the telephone and wrote it all down. As I am connected by cloud to Mr.Swiss he also knows my intentions. He also adds to the list now and again, but that is quite a good system. What I forget he remembers, and vice versa. If we both forget, then that is the human touch.

I also finished my book yesterday evening, an english police criminal story, the first in a series “Dead Wrong” and I think I might have been dead wrong to read it. It was OK. I like reality but this was a little too much reality. It begins with finding a plastic bag with sawn off fingers – OK, an isolated case, Then it continues with a head in a plastic bag and a few other body parts being discovered. The eventual solution to the drama is a surprise to see who dunnit, but not the best criminal story I have read lately. Coupled with the fact that the book was “only” 200 pages on my Kindle, it was too short for me. I like them long and full of twists and turns. This was more like a butchers department in a supermarket, short and cut up with some blood splashes in between. Now have to decide on my next book. I read that one of the top best sellers on the New York Times list at the moment is 1984 from George Orwell. Is that surprising when regarding the state of things at the moment but I read that already twice. Each time I read it I realise how much more fiction becomes fact.

I think for the first time ever  for me I unfriended someone yesterdy in Facebook. No big deal, but suddenly people are getting strange ideas and interpreting things in their own way. I cannot be bothered and why should I?There are enough problems in the world, without having to put up with ignorance.

The gardener called yesterday and finds it would be a good idea to cut a few bushes in my garden. Actually there is not a lot to do, but he will be coming this afternoon. He wanted to come after lunch, but I postponed the visit for 1-2 hours and after lunch we have our resting time. I hope the birds are agreeing to his plans as the gardener wants to reduce the branches on the apple tree, and that is one of their favourite places for the birds to sit and watch.

I am now off to prepare for my shopping trip and organise the appartment before leaving. See you later on the flip side.