Would you rather be CEO of a Fortune 500 company or the leader of a prominent country?

M - Shopping at Langendorf

No decision to make, I have been there an done it all. I am more than a CEO, I am the logistic boss of a family concern. I plan the meals, with my vice logistik chief, I organise the laundering of the clothing (and the money) and I even have a chauffeur to drive me to the places I must visit on my business appointments (see photo after a successfully completed deal).

My country is within the walls of my kingdom. There is a culinary center for food supplies and cooking, of which I am the capo di tutti capi. There is a chamber for sleeping, and one for refreshing the body and teeth, known as bathroom. My kingdom also has a wine cellar, although the wine had to make room for the washing machine. We have a guard on the door, known a Tabby the Feline and she is very careful about who she admits to our premises.  We also have a park outside, with trees, flowers, bushes and a lawn – and a gardener, who arrives 4 times during the year to keep the weeds under control. Admission is only allowed by ringing the door bell.


Share Your World – January 9, 2017

If you lost a bet and had to dye your hair a color of the rainbow for a week, what colour would it be?  

Pat in the garden

But my hair is dyed. I am a natural brunette, but did not want to show off when I meet my retired friends. That is why I decided to change the colour to grey, just to fit in. Of course, if I really wanted to go the whole hog, I would choose something more in a light blue tone, to match  my eyes. Just for a week? That is a disappointment, at least a year




If you could choose one word to focus on for 2017, what would it be?

Just one word. Oh no, I need more and in two different languages. Focussing is not my strong point. And so my answer in english is “no idea” which would be in Swiss German “chei Arnig”.

What was one thing you learned last year that you added to your life?

I learned that I have a handicap, and became a fully fledged member of the Ministry for Silly Walks. Everyone had noticed it for some time, except for me, and I was puzzled. Everything has a silver lining. I have a psychedelic walking cane for support and now and again I am asked if I need help by all sorts of interesting people.When I flew to London there was a young man in an airport uniform helping me to climb the stairs to the aircraft. What could possibly be better.

If life was ‘just a bowl of cherries’… which fruit other than a cherry would you be..?

A banana, it is the only fruit I actually eat, unless Mr. Swiss bakes one of his famous apple pies.

What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

Last week was nothing really special, although two sisters were drowned in a swimming pool in the Brit TV soap Eastenders and Mr. Swiss DVD’ed a Brit police series called Bailey and Scott, about two female police detectives, whose boss was also a lady. It was quite good.

This week I am looking forward to a quiet week, no excitement, no Christmas, No New Year and everything going to plan.

Share Your World – January 9, 2017

Colour Your World: Vivid Tangerine

Vivid tangerine

This is becoming a real exploring journey around the appartment. Luckily I found a book with a vivid tangerene flavour to it, and to make sure I also found a tangerine, bought today in the supermarket – what could be more vivid. Although when I got back to the computer photo, I realised it might be a little too vivid. At last I can get some exercise whilst blogging.

Colour Your World: Vivid Tangerine

Daily Prompt: We used to shine

Funny thing happened today in a conversation. Sometimes I am sure those guys at the WordPress have premonitions about what we talk about, or perhaps we have a sort of telepathic contact to their software department. It would not surprise me, I have been hovering around here, for better or worse, for at least eight years if not more. Let us begin at the begnning.

Sketchers shoesMr. Swiss and I got ready for the normal Monday morning excursion to the supermarket. We did not dress in our Sunday best, just normal – but what is today normal? As we have now progressed to the golden oldie groupies, I no longer need high heels and stockings, socks and nice comfortable casual flat Sketchers shoes does it for us both – see photo on the left, they are mine. Mr. Swiss has something similar. They are comfortable, and ideal for all weathers, although these are the lighter version. I also have a pair which cover the ankles, for the cold winter weather and snow, although these serve their purposed well. Walking from the car to the supermarket does not mean that we have to cross icy surfaces, everything is nicely heated.

It was then I remembered the days when we were in the working army. In the office you wore shoes with a heel, perhaps a skirt and top, or trousers, but nice trousers made of material and not blue jeans. Mr. Swiss would go to the office in trousers and a jacket and shirt, sometimes even a suit. He did not actually wear a tie every day, only when the occasion called for it. Perhaps there was a meeting or a visitor, but I know he had a tie in his desk in case it would be necessary. The shoes, yes, they were made of leather.


When I asked him for a pair for a photo for this blog, he found them somewhere in the back of the cupboard and even polished them up with a cloth. So are the men, must be in their genes, you do not show your leather shoes if they are not shining. But in our working days our leather shoes did shine, at least Mr. Swiss leather shoes, I was not so good at cleaning shoes and polishing them. He always cleaned his own shoes and I remember the Sundays when he would prepare them for the daily work day. It was a memory from the pre-golden-oldie days. Today you rarely see anyone walking in shoes like this, at least not in our market town. Perhaps if you work in a bank, and insuranc or in a business town such as Zürich, it would still belong to the uniform.

The shoes would shine for work. We had shoe polish tins at home in various colours to match the leather of the shoes. We had a special cloth to shine them up after the polish had been applied.

We are now comfortable in our daily casual clothes and I do not know why we took part in the dress ceremony at the time. I notice on the TV that even politicians now appear without a tie, except for the Brits. I remember my days in London. No matter how shabby the  suit was, you wore it to work in the city, even if the material was becoming shiny in places through wear. And all the business men had their black leather shoes, usually with laces, although they were also not always in perfect  condition. But Mr. Swiss, he always had nice clean shiny leather shoes. At least he did, but today we put on our comfortable Sketchers and no-one bothers.

Today I paid more attention to the others in the supermarket – we used to be in a neat costume or nicely tailored trousers with our shiny leather shoes. Today we are all wearing the uniform of the masses, casual shoes, jeans and a jacket. A tie? What is that, although I believe Mr. Swiss still has a few in the wardrobe, just in case. He has been retired for almost 20 years and has never wore a tie since, or leather shoes. Yes the shine has disappeared from the daily routine.

Daily Prompt: We used to shine

Good Morning

>Veal Stew 08.01.2017

And another week-end behind us. It seems only yesterday that we saw the New Year in and we are now already half way through January. Yesterday was a veal stew day. I began preparations at 9.00 in the morning and let it cook until midday. Note the marrow bones I cook with it, we are quite partial to the soft centres. There is also a calves foot on the top righthand side. I got that trick from my Swiss mother-in-law. I think she added some sort of unedible bone with everything sie cooked for a nice sticky sauce. Actually she was the person that taught me how to prepare a Swiss roast for Sunday. The Brits seem to put a lump of meat in the oven with cooking fat or whatever and let it cook for a couple of hours, with no additions. The Swiss cook it with veg, some wine, and herbs. I have my own herbs in the garden, and they are still surviving despite the frosty days, although currently I only have sage and rosemary avaialble. There is some thyme, but it has hidden itself somewhere beneath the rosemaary. With practice, which is supposed to make perfect, I have develped the basics of Swiss mother-in-law’s recipe to suit our own tastes. 

Otherwise Sunday was nothing special. I took a few photos and wrote a few masterpieces in my blogging world. I now notice that WordPress are giving me suggestions for other blogging sites, only two of them a day and mostly the same ones. When they informed me of this new and improved service I was not really impressed. On the other hand it is always useful to see what the others are doing. One of the reasons I like to look in the reader in the morning before my computer day begins – I suppose it broadens my horizon. I then progressed to thinking whether WordPress recommend my humble sites to others. This is something I will never discover, because I am me and not the others – just wondering.

Today there are not big plans. A walk through the supermarket with Mr. Swiss and my camera, which reminds me I should make some sort of shopping list. Yesterday we had noodles

Noodles 08.01 (2)

so today I will probably do something with potato, preferably fried – and a veg. I would love to cook brussel sprouts again, have not had any since Christmas, but there is a reason. No. 1 son is still on holiday this week and is eating lunch at home and does not eat green vegetables as he finds them suspicious, so no brussel sprouts until he returns to work.

It has now stopped snowing, and we are left with a semi frozen layer of about 5-6 centimeters which will now begin to diminish as warmer weather is predicted for this week. I even found an icicle on my bird feeding house. The sparrows are now pecking around on the ground for the leftovers from the crows and magpies.

I noticed my amaryllis has open yet another flower and now there are three. Only one to go and its work will be completed.


Have a nice day, be good, and have a look in the reader – who knows, I might be recommended – fame at last.