Share Your World – January 2, 2017

Would you prefer to receive a unicycle, bicycle, tricycle or motorcycle?

I was never able to ride a bicycle, as a kid or adult and now Stick
have given up as a golden oldie. I had problems with the balance even in my school days, and London was then not a town where you would actually ride a bike on the roads, far too dangerous. It worked with a tricycle, but who wants to be seen on a tricycle as a fully grown woman. I even had the balance problem when learning to drive a car. I could do everything, only steering the car was not so easy. Eventually I passed my test.

However, I now have my own transport help, known as cane or stick and it works perfectly. At home I keep it safely in my umbrella stand, but when I am out, there is no stopping me. I am an expert, breaking all records, at least stick walking records. There is one big advantage, all sorts of strangers begin to talk you and want to help, even the nice looking young men – they know no borders. And me – well if you have a stick then choose something worth having. No dull browns or greys for me, no it has to be psychedelic. Actually my first choice was the black ebony with the silver skull on the handle, but they did not do them in my style. It was only a knob  instead of a handle, and being a modern golden oldie, I wanted a silve handle to go with the skull.

What is one thing you’d like to accomplish this year?

Like survive until next year, win a Pulitzer Prize or a Nobel Prize for achievements in the blogging world and if there is anyone out there reading this – I would still like to receive my WordPress T-shirt – in black if possible with blue writing.

What was one of the highlights of 2016 for you?

It was not really a very good year, but always look on the bright side I say. I at last got myself a Macro lens for my camera, and a zoom up to 300 (am still thinking about the 600). I was diagnosed with MS – perhaps not a highlight but in a way it was because I at last knew what was wrong, and it could be worse. If you begin to walk strangely and everyone notices it except for yourself, then it is a relief to know why.  Of course, I have had it for at least 30-40 years, but these things go unnoticed, when you find other causes as a reason and to be quite honest, I was too busy raising a family and working to bother with all that stuff.

Would you prefer to fly a kite or fly in a hot air balloon?

Balloon over Feldbrunnen

It is funny really, but if I really had the choice and everything would be nicely organised, then I would go for the balloon. Flying kites is boring in comparison. I often see ballons where I live and why not. You have to try everything in life (no, I will not do a bungy jump). I think the main problem I would have with the balloon would be getting into it and out afterwards, Otherwise, what could possibly go wrong.

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

I am so grateful that this Christmas stuff is over and we can get back to living a normal life, without the siege of the supermarkets, and planning all the shopping because the shops may be closed, or run out of what you want. Am looking forward to a normal week, it might even snow. I always disliked snow with the road complications, but now being a golden oldie and choosing what I do, I do not mind. Might make some interesting photos if it snows.

Share Your World – January 2, 2017

Daily Prompt: What is inside?

AvocadoWhat could be inside this upturned cup. Perhaps I caught a spider and trapped it, to transport it afterwards into the garden. I do not kill spiders, unless they happen to be a death threat. Death threatening spiders do not live in Switzerland, except for in the zoo, so there would be no danger. It might be some other insect, but how would I remove it afterwards. When I lift the cup it would fly away. Or perhaps I just put a cup upside down on the table for the fun of it. No, there is a quite a simple explanation

AvocadoA new experiment in the Angloswiss household: another life has been born, or I hope will be born. Yes, a new avocado bush is on its way to success. It is now only at the beginning, but with the correct care and love, it will grow to untold heights, at least I hope so. My first experiment was a year ago which is still growing.  In between many avocado stones have been encouraged to live and grow, but they gave up on the way to a new life. This stone has been perched on water since a week and nothng has happened so I decided on action. I have now attached three toothpicks to the flesh of the stone and suspended it on water to encourage growth of the roots. I decided to cover the whole thing and keep it in the dark, as roots generally grow underground. As soon as the first green stalks appear, I will release it from its dark interior and will be supplying news of its progress during the next year. The last successful experiement is now making new leaves, and that in the middle of winter. I have high hopes of being the first avocado producer in Switzerland. I am sure it will develop into a profitable business. Some people like to be surrounded by roses in the interior of their homes, I like something different. Everyone has roses, but no everyone has avocado bushes.


In the meanwhile I heard a squeal of delight from the corner of my appartment, so I had to investigate, thinking that Mr. Swiss had won in the National Swiss Lottery. I then remembered he did not do the lottery. I used to do it, but worked out that I was spending more than I was winning, so gave up. It was then I heard a cry from the corner of the living room.

“Hey you, look , I have arrived.”


“Your amaryllis. Take my photo to show everyone and write about it on your blog. It was a difficult journey you know. Stretching upwards every day. The last part was very exhausting. How would you like to push open a bud, no two – we always arrive in pairs.”

Yes, my amaryllis opened this morning. I was going to congratulate it by shaing a leaf, but then I realised there were no leaves. Anyhow the amaryllis is now sleeping, worn out from the effort. Of course I took a photo, this does not happen every day. My amaryllis arrived in a large box already planted in its pot. When I opened the box I discovered a bending yellow stalk as it was prevented from growing due to the lid of the box. After a day it had already straighted its stalk, so I knew I had done the right thing  releasing it from its prison. I was a little disappointed when I saw what the remaining amaryllis had all been reduced to half price at the store after Christmas, but have now been compensated by the success of my amaryllis.

The things that happen in the secret interior of our appartment!

Daily Prompt: What is inside?

Good Morning

Christmas Flowers

I do not have a lot of flowers indoors, as not everything survives inside, you have to find the right environment for what you are growing. My amaryllis is now developing, on the left on the floor. I put it on the floor as we have floor heating and they like the warmth from below to encourage their growth. The also tend to lose their balance when fully in flower, so this one cannot fall so far and I hope will stay where it is. I used to have an amaryllis at Christmas, but over the past years never bothered. Now I am glad that I got this one again.

On the table on the left side I have my avocado. I planted the pip last year around April. First of all I had it suspended over water. The root began to grow and when  it started to sprout I planted it in a pot. It grew quite well during Summer, but I was wondering how it would develop in Winter, being less light and inside. I have been looking after it as if it were a living thing, which it is. It gets a regular morning spray to keep the moisture active and now and again I give the pot water. A few leaves have turned brown and dropped, but imagine my surprise when I noticed that something was developing from the center, a new bunch of fresh leaves. I just hope I can keep it going until the warmer weather arrives outside and I can put it out in the garden again. I will keep it in a pot as the rought Swiss climate will not be so good for it planted in the garden in Winter.

Of course I have a poinsettia. I get one every year around Christmas, they always have a special offer in the store. They look good when they arrive, but can be quite fussy about being in the right place at the right time. It lost a few leaves on the way. At first it was on the kitchen table, but I transferred it to the living room, as I noticed they do not like draughts from open windows, and my kitchen window is permanently on a slant. Now and again it has lost a few leaves. It arrived in November, so is still going strong more or less in January. Anothe one destined for the outside during the warmer months as through experience they grow well outside. Whether it will survive until next Winter I do not know, but will give it a chance.

Yesterday they did a special edition of Eastenders on the TV, an hour. It generally does not appear on Sundays. They killed off two of the main characters, as surprise of the year, two sisters. I noticed there were many tears shed in remarks on internet. They drowned in swimming pool in a hotel where the wedding of one of the sisters took place. One was high on heroin and drunk and dived into the pool and sank, and the other tried to rescue her, who was also drunk, got tangled up in the pool as she was still wearing her wedding dress, complete with veil, and the final scene was the two sistesr at the bottom of the pool hand in hand. What a drama. I really do not know why I watch that kitsch, but we all have our weak points I suppose.

Otherwise life is back to normal, that is as normal as it can get my part of the world. Although today used to be a holiday in Switzerland, it is now almost a normal day with open supermarkets and shopping hours as usual, so they will be letting me out again to spend money on food and other things I might see. They often reduced prices at the beginning of January and you never know what might surprise you. I have no idea what to cook today for lunch, but I am not really hungry.

Emjoy the day, must go, my life as a domestic fairy is beginning.