Colour Your World: Burnt Orange

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 11.01 (17)

I pass this house on the way to a nearby village. It is on our main road to Solothurn in Switzerland, our nearest town. I remember when it once belonged to a family, but the family grew old and the house was sold.There is now a business in the house and the house was painted – burnt orange I hope.I took the photo last week.The original thing about this house is the garden. After the new occupants took over they had the garden redesigned.

You cannot see it very well as everything is covered in snow at the moment, but the plants in the garden, being supported by wooden poles, are grapevines. In summer they have grapes and perhaps the new owner of the house now  produces his own wine.

Colour Your World: Burnt Orange

Daily Prompt: Unseen, beneath the Snow


It all began at lunch time. I was sitting at the table in the kitchen with Mr. Swiss and No. 1 son eating lunch. A blackbird arrived in the garden before the window. Ok, one blackbird is nothing special, it was a Mrs. Blackbird. Then a second blackbird arrived and they did some synchronised pecking in the garden on the snow. Suddenly the men arrived, the ones with the yellow beaks. They are much more glamorous than the lady blackbirs. The females are more brown than black. I was tempted to get the camera, but I was eating, and you cannot eat and take photos. I suppose you can, but it might cause disruption at the table when I rise every two minutes to take another photo.

I gave up, decided that I should be happy with the 152 photos of blackbirds I already have in my computer and online site. After dinner I was clearing away stuff with Mr. Swiss and No. 1 son in the kitchen and the blackbirds were still there. Some more had joined the group and there were now at least six of them. No, I left the camera where it was. I decided to have my half hour after lunch rest in the living room and I had a message to write to my friend in england in any case. That is where Apple computers are handy. I do not have to connect it to electricity and can use it for at least eight hours, if not more, without. It was soon time for a golden oldie sleep, but I cast a  glance outside and yes, the blackbirds were still there. They were coming and going and always in the same place.

It was the part of the snow where Mr. Swiss distributes the special so-called fat-food (do ot know the correct english translation) and that is the 5-star meal for the blakbirfs. They prefer to eat from the ground, although have also been seen on the bird house. There they were pecking around in the snow. Now and again one of the blackbirds would find a trophy and was eating its loot. It was then trouble began. Two females, of course, that had found the same piece of food, probably oats, and both wanted it. There was a pecking contest, a chase, and eventually one of the ladies flew off with the winnings. The other remained and continued to search for the unseen food beneath the snow.

I have now finished my after lunch golden oldie sleep and noticed the blakbirds are still fluttering around in the same place. I decided to pack while the camera was hot, changed my lens for a zoom and am now sitting at the kithen table with the camera next to me. In the meanwhile, for this blog, I took a few photos with my mobile phone camera. I also noticed that our ball of goodies hanging in the bush opposite the kitchen had been pecked empty, and gave Mr. Swiss instructions to replace it.

We read a reacder’s letter in a magazine from a lady that had fitted up a bird house in her garden and her two children were so excited to be able to watch the birds. It was in another Kanton, and up to now she has seen no bird eat anything, although they are also submerging in snow as we are. There was a letter in reply from the ornithological sation in Sempach, the main bird place in Switzerland, where they stated that birds do not go everywhere, so we must be one of the special places.

“Come on, let’s take a flight to the Angloswiss, there is always something unseen beneath the snow at their restaurant. And Mabel, Mary – no fighting this time, there is enough to go round for all. Remember your photo might appear on the front page of the ornithological weekly, so be on your best behviour.”


Daily Prompt: Unseen, beneath the Snow

Good Morning

Sparrows 13.01 (20)

The snow came and went, and returned which is the story of our life in the last three days. It even rained on the snow for a night and half a day, and we saw green grass again.


I took this photo five minutes ago outside with my mobile phone  camera and it is snowing again. I have already said I have no problems now with snow as I used to., when I had to go out. Yesterday was my last trip and the snow was OK. Today I am glad I do not have to go anywhere, but Mr. Swiss does. We decided on a cheese fondue for the evening meal, and that only tastes good with fresh bread. We like to have one of those white french breads with it. The long bread that you see every second person in Paris walking around with. I think they only buy them to be the perfect example of a Parisien, together with the beret on their head.

Anyhow Mr. Swiss will now take it upon him to battle his way through the snow to buy our bread. He already had problems this morning going out in the garden to fill up the bird feeders. He has been missing his special Yeti snow boots for some time and found that my garden clogs were not ideal for fighting his way through snow drifts. He took to extreme measures and I saw him with a ladder at our garden cupboard. Eureka, he said, when he found the snow boots, although they were not at the top of the cupboard, but hidden behind something else. He was then Scott of the Swiss Antarctic as he risked life and limb to feed the birds – what a man! He returned safely and made the decision that he would not go to the supermarket with the car this morning, far too risky on the roads, even if it is Switzerland where everything is perfect. He will go to town, with the local train – safer and less risky. The search than began for our train tickets as he was sure we had some spare. He found one ticket, but it was no longer valid, yes it was. Success – today was its last day of being valid. Our problems are solved and the cheese fondue is rescued.

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 11.01 (8)

I seem to be getting in the mood again for organising. I have my camer(s) on the top shelf in a cupboard which is OK. I have my various lens in a large box next to the cameras. I have decided to get rid of the box to make more room and arrange my various accessories also on the shelf. I also have my handbag on this shelf and so there will be more room for everything. Yes I am an expert in logistic. I have now also sorted my various files for my photos. It seems golden oldies have nothing better to do than sort stuff.

I also have a tray with pendent invoices to pay and other official stuff which I must say I had neglected lately. I checked through and found no open bills,  but I did find the letter from the motor department of our Kanton reminding me that as I am now 70 years old, I should make an appointment with my doctor for the driving health test. I have a couple of weeks time still. This will be fun. I will have to walk backwards in a straight line – I cannot even walk forwards in a straight line. I no longer drive in any case, and leave it to Mr. Swiss, although he finds it a shame when I cannot drive, so I will probably have to go through this test. Our neighbour still drives and she is now 90. Her husband no longer drives, but he is a couple of years older than she is. I suppose if she can pass the test, so can I. My doctor told me I should have no problem.

And now to walk around the appartment. My vaccum cleaner does not need a test, it does not mind if I cannot walk as straight as I should, it does the work in any case.

May your day be filled with sunshine, snowless roads, and fun. My day began with the noise from the snow plough outside.

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 11.01 (23)