Share Your World – January 30, 2017

What is the most incredible natural venue that you’ve ever seen in person?


There are certain days when I can stand on the parking lot of the supermarket and look across and see the Bernese Alps spread out in a panorama. According to the configuration of the sun and weather and air currents the picture of the alps can be clear or perhaps you do not see them at all, but they are always there. About 1-2 hours drive on the motorway from where I live – and sometimes it seems you only have to stretch out your hand and touch them.

How many siblings do you have? What’s your birth order? 

I am unique, there is no-one else I think and  believe. Try as I have, I have not yet found a connection to the Windsors, the British Royals, but who knows.

If you were a shoe, what kind would you be and why?

I am still searching for the shoe that would take me anywhere, without having to use a cane, and to transform my walking into a normal walk and not a qualification for the Ministry of Funny Walks. I do not want to be a shoe, just have a foot that would walk as I want to – like it used to be.

What is the strangest/weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

Mum used to cook eels sometimes when I was a kid, it was a sort of East End of London typical meal, but you could only buy the eels and cook them when they were still alive because they had to be fresh. They were sold in large metal flat containers. I remember seeing them as a kid and how they would move in the trays. So mum bought a few but of course they were too big to cook and eat, and so at first she chopped them into pieces (yes, the were still alive). She boiled them in water and I ate them. I did not really think about it very much, I even liked them. Today I would probably shed a few tears for the inhuman treatment of the eels.

What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Last week I was glad that at last my cough and cold, kindly donated by Mr.Swiss, had decided to recede. It is still there, but just a gentle reminder.

I am looking forward to the impeachment of Donald Trump, which unfortunately probably will not happen, but I can always hope that sense conquers again.

Share Your World – January 30, 2017

Colour Your World: Gold


I just had to grab what I had at home, the real expensive stuff is all in the bank vault of course. Cannot have gold bars laying around, you cannot trust anyone these days. Actually the watch (an IWC)  is a solid gold piece, but unfortunately now too small to wrap around my wrist. I had already extended it a few years ago to the largest size, but not only does the body expand with age, the wrist seems to as well. The remainder, just collected over the years. I used to wear those dangly earrings when I was young and lovely, it is the colour of gold, but that is all.

Colour Your World: Gold

Daily Prompt: Just get a new one


On the right my new kalanchoe plant and on the left the old one. The old one stopped flowering after more than a month. It had wonderful little yellow flowers and I was tending to it daily and then the flowers were no longer yellow, more a brownish shade of yellow. Some fell and others just dwindled. I had hope but realised it was a lost cause: so what do you do? You replace it of course. Today if something no longer works properly or does not look good, you do not repair it, you throw it into the garbage. I decided that my kalanchoe was a living thing, and did not deserve this treatment. The leaves were still green although a few also decided to give up. I gave my dying kalanchoe a makeover, searched for a few rescue tips in Internet and now it is sitting on my table in the living room. I am sure it will return, at least I will try.

However, I bought a new one in the local store. They are not expensive and I found the little red flowers something completely different and attractive. History repeats itself. I did the same with my orchids for a couple of years, until I discovered I had recuperating orchids everywhere. On the table in the living room, on the floor, and one or two in the kitchen. My orchids were developing triffid symptoms and were taking over. One day I no longer replaced or kept them, but had to put them to pasture in the garbage can. I had 16 redundant orchids. I still have six from the last batch, but they still look ok, although you can ask “Where have all the flowers gone” because there are no more.

Today we live in a world of replacements. Television kaput, buy a new one. Washing machine giving up, replace it. The husband not as young as he used to be – no, do not replace it. It takes too many years of developing the model you have, and in any case you are also no longer the youngest and you might be replaced as well. Husbands, aaat least mine, are something worth keeping. It might not be working as well as it did, but growing and needing repair work together has its advantages. You have a topic of conversation – aches and pains always give food for thought. “How’s your back today?” “Don’t ask – and your legs?” “Forget it” – what enjoyable conversations. They are things that cannot be replaced, but why begin again from the beginning when life can be such fun wihout getting used to newer versions.

Otherwise it seems everything can be replaced today, even presidents. Yes that day will also arrive.

Daily Prompt: Just get a new one

Good Morning, Buenos dias

Shadows 29.01 (1)

No, it is not a monster wanting to grab me, but just a reflection of my bromelia on the kitchen table and a chair. Life must be boring when I begin to take photos like that, but there is nothing new around me. I am glad when they let me out to go shopping and can take photos of something else, although even that gets boring as Mr. Swiss has only a choice of two routes, the scenic one and the one thorugh town. Eventually you discover you have taken photos of everything on the way. Oh for the sunny days of Spring when I can again venture along the river bank and watch the ducks and swans.

At least we now have sun during the day and the grey of the winter is moving on. Temperatures are also rising, and we can see the green grass again in large areas as it appears beneath the melted snow.


Sunrise today even showed a patch of blue sky, so what could be better.

My daily Tump rant is caused by a remark that the White House has passed when Trump decides to visit Great Britain, although that is not yet certain. The Queen’s counsellors are advising not to allow personal contact and now I read that Grump  Trump is warning that he does not want to hear any remarks passed by Prince Charles on climate changes, as we all know that the world according to Trump has no climate changes. Everything is perfect, the birds are singing and the flowers are flowering (at least in the gardens of the White House) – what could be better. Climate change is a hoax invented by CNN.

I do not think that this Trumpal visit will take place in any case, I hope not. Yes, the world is a mess.

And now I will go shopping with no bad conscience as our imported goods have no penalties imposed on the prices. Usually they are cheaper than our own products.

And now I am off, am overstaying my welcome as I have other things to do, seems that duties are calling – even golden oldies have their responsibilities. If there is still a world left this afternoon, see you later.