Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Big and Small


Once upon a time there was an avocado pit that began to grow.


It grew and grew and grew and it is still growing in my living room, waiting for Summer.

White belly hedgehog - 3 days old

This is a 3 day old White Belly Hedgehog, a friend of mine who also happens to be a farmer’swife, breeds them.

Adult White belly hedgehog

And here is mummy hedgehog.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Big and Small

Colour Your World: Atomic Orange

Bethnal Green road

And Italian Restaurant La Forchetta in  Bethnal Green Road, London, probably selling spaghetti al atomico judging by the illuminations. Note the shop next door, W. English and Son, being the local undertakers, well known for the burial of the Kray brothers, gangsters of the East End of London, and also quite atomic.

Colour Your World: Atomic Orange

Daily Prompt: Invitation?


Almost daily, for the past 5-6 years I get an invitation to write and for the past 5-6 years I have accepted. Almost daily, usually at 2 p.m. the invitation arrives punctually on my computer. It is all programmed, by a computer somwhere in the depths of a large cyber brain that is programmed to send the daily prompt. I am regularly prompted to write, whether I feel like it or not. The master computer brain does not really care if I am in the mood, it has  a job to do. If the daily prompt does not arrive, there will be consternation amongst the citizens of the Daily Prompt Kingdom.

It has happened now and again. Even computers have their problems. Perhaps they strike because they rely on a real human being to give them a purpose in their bytes and circuits. They need an aim in their programmed lives, but humans make mistkes. When the human appointed to programme the computer receives an invitation to have a few drinks after work, and the few drinks became many drinks, he tumbles into bed in the early hours of the morning not sparing a thought to the computer waiting for its human inspirtion. Computers do not really care, they carry on regardless of what their human does in his private life. They are programmed and so the daily prompt arrives on the day when the human is still recovering from his late night, and perhaps regularly falling asleep at his digital keyboard.

Exactly at that moment, the computer circuit decides to strike, a fuse explodes in the internal wiring of the computer and there is no daily prompt. There is no invitation sent to the guests to blog. The human sleeps on regardless, and the computer joins him.

Of couse this has never happened, it is hypothetical, or is it?

computer and handkerchiefs

I feel no inspiration, but the invitation arrives every day same time, same computer. Do I have to dress for the occasion? That is the nice thing about blogging, no-one really cares what you wear. or how you look At the moment my thoughts are clouded due to a cough and cold, but I will follow the daily invitation to blog until I also collapse in a heap on my keyboard.  I will now leave you to accept your own invitations, today I am not in a party mood.

Daily Prompt: Invitation?

Good Morning

Garden in Snow 16.01 (15)

Yesterday we saw the sun again. It was not a spectacular display, but it came and went for an hour. Even some snow melted in its path, but as soon as it disappeared ice replaced the melted snow. They are the moments of Winter you treasure. Funny how I used to hate the Winter and the snow and ice it brought with it and now I have learned to appreciate it, althugh I only venture out in a car and I am not driving.

Road to Langendorf 16.01 (46)

Certain trees present interesting shapes when they are covered with snow.

Did I ever tell you what a generous person Mr. Swiss is, he gives me everything, including a cough and cold that he has been brooding out the past week. I spent the last night coughing more than sleeping and he did not even hear me. Luckily it is more a nose cold than a throat cold  If I had a throat cold,  I really feel like a stuffed chicken. Nose colds are easier to manage, it is like having a running tap instead of a nose. Unfortuately my nose is king sized, and its capacity for sneezing and using up boxes of paper handkerchiefs, knows no bounds. Mr. Swiss tells me today his cold is now on the way out, which is obvious as mine is on the way in. It is the stuffy head that goes with it that I am not so keen on. However I should be glad it is not a “man” cold, as they are much worse.

Sparrow16.01 (1)

I try to avoid politics on my daily ramblings in the morning, but I am so fed up with seeing that carrot headed specimen of a Trump on my TV news. Yesterday they showed an early interview with a journalist, and he looked almost normal, with grey hair. Does he really find it necesary to look like something out of a vegetable patch? Does he think it improves his image, and makes him more attractive? Our Swiss politicians are not in the running for a Mr. Universe, but they are homely types that you would almost trust with the door key, or you would invite them in for a cup of tea. Imagine a Trump ringing the doorbell, I would not even open the door after looking through the spy hole .

I noticed that WordPress have yet made a few small cosmetic changes on the dashboard page. I now have a pretty little bell on the righthand top corner to show that someone is calling with a message. If there is something that has arrived, it is decorated with a little orange dot – how imaginative. Also I get a quicker entrance to my reader. Although  on my iPad, instead of getting the follower group I often land on discovery beccause the two sections are too close for a golden oldie.

Taling of golden oldies, Mr. Swiss had a problem this morning. Yesterday he had to restart his iPad – no problem, so do I now and again, just a simple process. However, he discovered that some of his apps had disappeared, the little squares on the front page, and replaced by others which he did not want. After 10 minutes of profanities and slight excitement he realised he had his old iPad which ws replaced because it had signs of old age. I think he may be showing signs of colour blindness as the covers of the two iPads are different colours, but these things can happen as soon as you get to the golden years.

And now I am on my way to do what I have to do. Do not despair, after my battle with the bathroom and kitchen I will be back to tell more of the adventures in AngloSwiss country, of my achievements and disappointments, just the battles to be fought in a normal average household. I am now surrounded by silence, Mr. Swiss has fulfilled his purpose in the life of a vacuum cleaner.

Road to Langendorf 16.01 (24)

The local psychiatric clinic with the Jura mountains in the background and in front of the clinic the farm – photo taken yesterday on the way to a safari at the local supermarket.