Flower of the Day: 06.01.20017 Tulips


I decided to bring a breath of Spring into the daily flower today. Unfortunately they are not yet open, as they are sold in the closed version, but a tulip is a tulip. I often see the trucks arriving with dutch number plates carrying their precious cargoes of tulips – from Amsterdam? Who knows?

Flower of the Day: 06.01.2017 Tulips



To be quite frank, 2016 was not a good year, too many bad things happened. At the beginning of the year I went through many tests at the local hospital with the result that I was diagnosed with MS and probably had it for at least 40 years without being recognised as what it actually was.

My father passed away in July. Although he was 100 years and 7 months, it was sad. Metally he was in good condition, able to have a conversation with you, but I was in Switzerland and he was in England. It was probably my last visit to England for his funeral.

There must always be a good memory somewhere, so I suppose it was buying a new Nikon camera, a smaller one than I already had, and  a long wanted macro lens. Later I also got myself a 300 zoom lens.

I think my favourite memory was that I could say goodbye to 2016.


Colour Your World: Bitter Sweet

Autumn Berries (2)

I almost had to give up on this one, so I fed the word berry into my online album and this one arrived. A photo I took last Autumn on one of my hikes with a camera and a stick. I think we call them “Vogelbeere” which would mean bird berries, because they are definitely not fit for human consumption, so I would not know if they were bitter or sweet, probably something in between.

Berries on a tree

And then I decided to explore further in my archives and what did I find? No idea what this is, but they could be red currents, but if the colour fits then go for it.

Colour Your World: Bitte Sweet

Daily Prompt: We are all floating down here.

Float? Who floats? Well we all float down here in the famous words of Pennywise the Clown in the novel “It” by Stephen King to Georgie, a little boy who had just lost his boat in a drain. Of course, there are no clowns in a drain, but it was the only thing that came to my mind when I saw the word float. I remembered the sentence “We all float down here” when I saw the word “float”. I read the book “It” many year ago. It was my first Stephen King book, leading to many others, but still remains my favourite.

Of course there are tons of things to say about floating. If you decide to kill someone you do not particularly like, then before you dispose of the body by throwing it in a river, make sure to tie a stone to the feet. You can also embed the feed in concrete in the fashion of the gangsters in the Chicago era. To let the relatives and friends of the departed know where they could find the victim, they often sent them a parcel containing fish – how helpful. The body will not float to the top, but remain in the depths when weighed down: otherwise it will float to the top, be discovered by a passing person “Look, there is a dead body floating in the river” and probably be reported to the police who will fish it out, discover who was responsible and you will get arrested. Some things are better not floating.

Let’s go to a happier theme, that was just a little advice jogged by the memory of the word “Float”. Actually I decided that this year I would not write so much, but again I have broken my new rule. Rules are there to be broken and are more fun. Ah yes, something completley different.

Snow 05.01 (4)

Yesterday it snowed and I decided to take a few action photos. I managed to catch the snow from my porch with the camera in the act of floating. I myself do not float, I sink. I was never a great swimmer, altough if you throw a dog in water, it swims with the front paws to ensure that it stays floating. I decided if a dog can do it, so can I, and that was how I managed to learn how to stay afloat, by copying the dog. After many years at school of being one of the few that sank, rather that floated in the swimming pool, I suddenly could do it. I think I was also helped by using those inflatable wings. The teacher saw me. Now that was no so good, but she was happy and triumphal that her only non swimmer could now swim, so she entered me for the beginner’s width and the annual school Swimming gala. I was used to standing in the pool and swimming, but at a gala you dive in and swim from the edge. I took my courage into my limbs, jumped in and swam for my life. I survived and was given a ticket when I arrived at the other side to show I was No. 3 in the beinner’s width. Yes I could float.

Otherwise let’s forget the whole thing. Floating is not my thing – Stephen King was wrong, we do not all float down here, some of us sink.

Daily Prompt: We are all floating down here.

Good Morning

6th January, 3 Kings cake

When you can buy 3 Kings Cake in the supermarket, you know that Christmas is really finished until the end of the year. It is all to do with the 12th night in the Christmas story, when the 3 guys turned up with a few gifts, and in many countries in Europe, except for Great Britain it seems, you can celebrate with a 3 Kings cake. It is a light sweet bread sort of thing with some fruit and sugar springkles on the top. It is baked in sections. The idea is that everyone takes a section and bites into it, hoping to find a small plastic King in the part they are chosen. I think it was originally a bean, before plastic kings were born, and the idea came from France.

Now it begins to get exciting, because if you happen to find a king in your cake, then you can wear the golden paper crown delivered with the cake, and you are King of the day. This is if your are lucky, if you are unlucky, someone else get the King, or you find the King in your part of the cake, by biting on the plastic and have to make an emergency trip to the dentist, because it had either broken a tooth, a filling, or even a crown on the tooth.

It does not really work so well. I have been King  few times in my past Christmas life, but only for a couple of minutes when disappointment reigned with the kids, and everytime I gave out a queenly decree to do something for me, no-one bothered to listen, as they were too busy eating their cake.

It is quite a tasty, but for me a little on the dry side. I like to spread butter on it. The cake in the photo was from last year, as this year’s has not yet been bought. I have it on today’s shopping list, although they appeared in the supermarket at the New Year. They used to only be there for a day, on 6th January, but these things change. You can now even buy hot cross buns during the year in England, although they are a Good Friday thing, so I expect the three Kings cakes will soon be available  in the summer holidays.

Our garden(s) are now completely white, with temperatures at -5° C this morning, so there will be no hope of a snow melt. However the roads are clear and no problem driving to the supermarket. At last a few different photos on the way of snow clad roofs and paths.

I am slowly thinking we might have a poltergeist at home as things are disappearing, although it might be that I put them somewhere and forget about it. I lost a lens cover for the macro lens, but found it this morning. Tracing back my steps I remembered taking a few photos of my newly blossomed amaryllis, and there is was on the table next to the amaryllis. I am still searching for the back cover of my long distance lens, not been seen for a few days. Mr.Swiss says either it fell into the garbage basket and has gone to the garbage happy hunting grounds in the meanwhle, or it might be outside beneath a pile of snow. I tip on the garbage, or perhaps in the cupboard where I keep all the stuff – must investigate today.

And now I am off, have a nice day, and those of you that do not belong to the golden oldies club, tomorrow is the beginning of the week-end I think – I must check on the calendar, tend to forget unimportant stuff now and again.