Flower of the Day: 31.12.2016 Four Leaf Clover

4 Leaf Clover

Yes, it seems they really exist: at least our local store has pots of them to sell for the New Year Celebrations. Just an ordinary clover, but by some fluke of nature, they grow with four leaves and I hope will bring you luck.

I wish you all and happy new year, with many flowers.

Flower of the Day: 31.12.2016 Four Leaf Clover

Daily Prompt: Hopeful, but where’s the action


If you do not know where to start, then begin with a picture, so I took this photo of the tree in front of my window. It has no leaves, it is bare. Is it hopeful that the leaves will arrive in spring. Probably not, trees do not think, they react automatically to their instinct and instinct is a  word used when there seems to be no reason why. The leaves will reappear in Spring, lucky tree. I wonder if I will have a push of energy in Spring?

Phew! got the beginning behind me, so now to my hopes. I have none, because everything that happens is not according to my hopes, it just happens, so what is the point. This is the first year since I live, that I have only Mr. Swiss and the kids, which shows that life goes on, even when many things change. My family is now where I am, looking back to what was has no reason, because it is no longer there. I now look forward.

I look forward to every day that I can leave my bed and go through my daily routine. I do not hope I can do it, beause if I walk across the road and a truck hits me, then hope will have nothing to do with it, that is fate – another word with a mysterious meaning. And fate just happens whether we want it to or not. I mean I could fall out of my bed and break a leg, or I might not be able to actually leave my bed due to geratric complications. Everhing is possible, so let’s look on the bright side.

I would like, no I want to continue taking photos of everything in my surroundings: note the change of mood. There is no would and definitly no hope. I will take photos, I will go for walks, and I will continue to write my blogs. Life changes constantly, so I adapt. I will not give up, just because I am slower than I used to be. Limbs might slow down, but the brain is still active, even if it views everything from a golden oldie point of view.

Oh, I could wish for this and that, and pin my hopes on it all, but life does what it does. I take every day as it comes. I laugh when a bright young man, wanting to earn money at a call center, tries to sell me a new sickness insurance. I only have to tell him I am now 70 years old and have no intrest, and he mutters a few words about having a nice day, and says goodbye. I chuckle to myself, at last I have the answer. A golden oldie is not a profit making opportunity.

I sit here at my desk on a computer surrounded by my Kindle, my iPhone, my iPad and my cameras. I have nothing more to hope for but I still have things I want and so I save and make plans. A new mobile phone is now on my list. Never give up. What a useless lazy word “hope” is. It has no depth and no action.

Have a good new Year everyone, make it a good one, but do not hope for one, just do it.

Calla 05.06 (3)

Daily Prompt: Hopeful, but where’s the action

Good Morning

Ice on the water

The first thing Tabby, my feline, does in the morning when life returns to our environment, is look out the window, make sure that there are no dangers lurking in her territory and make a dainty exit through the cat flap. She visits the water bowl outside, but she was quicker than us this morning.  We were busy distrubuting bird food, so we forget to replace the water. She gave me one of her accusing glares, sitting next to the bowl. I soon realised this was part of Tabby’s human training programme to remind me to immediately replace the water. Yes, the water was frozen. It was a cold night last night it seems, with freezing temperatures.

It is funny how at the beginning of the year you receive reminder letters, that you wish you had not. England have signed some sort of European contract about paying tax. Because I have the remants of an english bank account somewhere they now insist I give them my Swiss tax no. The problem is I have many numbers from the Swiss authorities and because the brits are not capable of telling me which no., I sent the wrong one. This all happened in October. During December I get the form again to fill out as they said my information was not correct. The British wheels of beaurocracy move slowly. After two telephone calls to the no. given on the form and receiving a third copy of the form to complete (the first two I had already completed), I got the formulas for the no. they required, If they had told me in the first place, instead of beating around the bush with tax numbers, that it was my social security no. they needed, things would have been more straight forward, and I would not spent money on two unnecessary phone calls, although they did call back immediatly, because I complained this was costing me unnecessary funds. I have now sent off the third completed form with the correct number I hope.

In the meanwhile the local transport authoritiy has sent me a letter to remind me that as I was now 70 years old, I am due to a doctor’s examination to prove that I am fit enough to keep my driver’s licence. I do not think I have sat behind the steering wheel of a car for at least half a year, but probably I can still do it. Mr. Swiss is 8 years older than me and passed this examination with flying colours, so he told me all about it. Walking backwards without losing my balance is one of the tests. I am not sure if I can still walk forwards in a straight line. I have a feeling that my driving days will be finished after going through this examination. My doctor is convinced I will pass. If I do, I will have some serious thoughts about the golden oldie drivers on our roads.

I am not going to bore you all with reviewing my year on this piece of Pulitzer prize suspicious work. I am still here, after writing every morning for some time, so I have passed my endurance test for blogging. Tonight I will be celebrating in my armchair, reading a book or playing a game on my iPad. At midnight I will wish Mr. Swiss a happy new year, he will wish me one, sealed with a kiss, and then I will disappear to bed. I think once in our 48 years together, we visited a New Year’s Party. No. 1 son will be in town celebrating, No. 2 son will also be celebrating wherever he is. I just asked Mr. Swiss if we have a bottle of champis somewhere, but he said he will not bother and I am not sorry. Our digestion no longer manages that fizzy stuff at midnight and I do not like it in any case.

And so I wish everyone a happy blogging 2017 and look forward to it, you never know what fate has in store for you. Perhaps it might be the year of my Nobel/Pulitzer/Blogger of the year prize, when I will be celebrated and my genius will at last be recognised. Otherwise, I will still have 2018 to look forward to. It seems only yesterday that we were celebrating the year 2000.

Schanz, Solothurn, 1st August

Photo Challenge: Resilliant

Road to Langendorf (14)

It was not a perfect year, I lost my father in July. He had a good long life and passed away at the age of 100 years and 7 months. I lost my ability to take long walks without support of a cane. But have food on the table every day, clothes to wear and a family that I can be proud of. And above all the sun still rises every day. We do not always see it, but it is there.

Photo Challenge: Resillient

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2016 Week 52

Road to Langendorf 30.12 (8)

And it towers above the local supermarket. It was actually a watch manufacturing machinery plant before it was transformed into a supermarket many years ago, but the tower remained with the clock.


The cheese selection in the supermarket – I do not get out to see many different places these days, so I make the most of what I see.

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf23.12 (7)

Just driving through, so took a shot of the fencing to the underpath to cross the road.

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2016 Week 52

Daily Prompt: Mope – who me?

Willow Tree

I was not weeping, like the willow in the photo, but I am still moping now since this morning, but less. I was ready to go shopping, armed with a list that had been combined with Mr.Swiss list on our telephones and iPads and then it was gone. My icon showing “Notes” was no longer on my phone, it had diappeared. The “Books” and “Reminders” icon had got so close together that the “notes” had completely disappeared in between

It must be a conspiracy and I was annoyed, really annoyed, and everyone was waiting for me to ge ready to go shopping. Not without my list, this was becoming an advanced stage of moping, it was a complete disaster. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss somehow found the icon and I was again connected. My list made via a cloud was reinstated. I do not know how he did this as I was busy with other things. Luckily my list was on a cloud, but all my other notes were gone forever. I will never understand the world of connectivity. On my iPad my notes were there, but seemed to disappear before my eyes, leaving a blank space. In the meanwhile I have discovered that they were also now non-existant on my apple computer, although I thought it all belonged to one big happy family. The strange thing was that although my devices were complete blanks, Mr. Swiss still had a few remnants of my notes. They wre not complete, but at least something, and he is only connected to the cloud for a shopping list. Probably he once connected to my notes some time ago, as they only covered August to end of September – however better than nothing. There are certain events in my life I like to keep track of.

The most important stuff is in reminders, and that is still there.

Obviously my future online life will now be planned more carefully. It seems that the cloud survives everything, so I will not have my notes only in a cloud. I will also do a manual backup on my computer, so what could possibly go wrong.

I noticed today that Mr. Obama and Mr. Putin were also moping. Mr. Trump was not moping, because he was too busy thinking about what to write next on Twitter. It seems that 30 Russian diplomats had to leave the States,  due to dubious online activities in connection with the American electtions. Mr. Putin immediately retaliated by deciding to expel 30 american diplomats. Yes the sand box game between the rival gangs had been re-activated. In the meanwhile Mr. Putin has changed his mind and will keep his American diplomats, not witout making the remark that he has no idea what the Americans are talking about “Me influence the American elections?  No way”, and so life continues. Perhaps it was Mr. Putin that stole my Notes on my telephone, or it was a joint venture with Mr. Trump as he needed material for his next Tweet.

Oh forget politics, we have them in Switzerland as well, but it interests no-one.

Image 30.12.16 at 16.25This photo shows the Swiss Government ministers for 2017. Sorry but it is only a small photo, but it was the only one I found. Seems they were saving money with the photography this year. They always try something new with these photos, and this one appears to have been taken in a factory, showing the nearness to the people probably. We have 7 ministers. there are eight in the photo, but the 8th one is not a minister but something else important – am not sure what. The president this year is the lady in the grey dress, third from the left. She is ok, no problem. I bet no-one notied we had elections is Switerland. That is because we choose a new president every year from our choice of ministers and it all happens before Christmas. No moping here, everyone gets a fair chance.

Daily Prompt: Mope – Who me?

Good Morning


This morning did not get off to a good start. I succeeded in leaving my bed and arriving in the kitchen in one piece, which is an achievement to begin with and then the problem began.I was chopping remaining bread ends for the birds and realised it was becoming a dangerous task, narrowly missing a finger in between. The bread was diminishing in size and the knife was slipping on the slopes of the crust. Mr. Swiss to the rescue. He found that a visit to the hospital in a ambulance, accompanied with part of a finger in a plastic bag in ice would not be the ideal start to the day and so he took over. He said he would distribute the bread as well, which saved me the energy of dressing in my big black padded coat and my clogs for an early morning stroll over the frosty layer of the garden.

This continued when it was time for me to cut my bread for my breakfast. There was a large hole in the bread, one of those that meant that the butter would not spread evenly, but sink onto the surface below. The baker should really pay more attention I thought. I had to cut my bread in pieces to ensure that there would be no further complications. This meant that my bread slice was reduced in size, and another threat to my fingers that could result in an unwanted amputation. However, I managed it all on my own, not wanting to disturb Mr. Swiss as he was now reading the daily newspaper on his computer.

This had now, naturally, used up valuable time for writing my morning greeting to the WordPress world.

Now the birds have been fed and I have been fed, so what could possibly go wrong. We are embarking on yet another excursion to the supermarket. My list of things to buy has grown, but now it is a combined effort, since I linked it by a cloud to Mr. Swiss on his iPhone. He can do it quite well. I just had to correct a few aesthetic points yesterday. When you write down what you need for a meal you should leave a larger space afterwards to continue with other bits and pieces which would be extrasand have nothing to do with a meal, but he is learning fast.

This year is the first time when it seems St. Bartholomew’s day is no longer such a national holiday. It began with St. Steven’s Day on 26th December, when our supermarket, one of the bigger ones, was open normally. It seems that the local town was still closed.And now on 2nd January, they willl also be open as a normal day, so I have a day less to look after. Next week will again be a normal week with no added shopping stress.

Our Chrismas cards have disappeared with most of the bits and pieces, but we only really had bits and pieces. Our mini Christmas tree is still illuminated with its 6-7 lights, but as soon as we get time, it will be removed to the cellar. And now I will remove myself, there are things to be tidied and cleaned before I become frozen onto my chair in the kitchen.

Flower of the Day: 29.12.2016 The Triffid returns (Protea)


“So let’s get this straight human. I am not a Triffid, I was born on this planet, actually in  Africa and I am a Protea, PROTEA. Is that clear. I have nothing to do with Triffids, although don’t mess with me, I can get quite aggressive.”

“You can attack?”

“No, but I will close up and not open again, until you treat me with the respect I deserve. I am the best around here and the most expensive. We do not grow for anyone and did not get our name Sugarbush for nothing, we are the sweetest amongst all. And now take my photo, that everyone will know my name.”

“OK, will do. I must say you look very nice.”

Flower of the Day: 29.12.2016 The Triffid returns (Protea)

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Open Topic

Christmas Eve meal 24.12 (1)

Open topics are always a problem, because I have to be careful that I do not repeat myself, so I have kept to recent photos. This is cutting of the parsley for the vichy carrot dish I made on Chrismas Eve. I always seem to have lethal weapons in my kitchen.

Road to Langendorf (3)

The sun arrived this week, after days of mist and fog, but it was a very harsh sun, so gave some good contrasts between light and dark to go with it. Took this as we was leaving our estate to go shopping.


They were seeling wood at the supermarket for chimney fires,  so naturally I took a photo. It was all in black and white, but I decided to retain the colours on one of the logs.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Open Topic