Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Good and Bad

Dead Rose

This is the bad rose – the one that could not more.

Roses 07.07 (4)

And these are the good roses, the ones that climb and flower regularly for the last ten years.

Gala Apples 30.08 (2)

About ten years ago, when I was a working woman, I planted a few apple seeds in a pot from an apple I had eaten at work. The pot was on my desk with something growing in it. The seeds grew and got so large that I took them home and planted them in the garden.I now have an apple tree and last year it bore its first flowers, followed by fruit. Unfortunately it was not to be and this was the result of the fruit. My other apple tree has no problems, but self grown trees from pips are probably not the best trees.

Apple Tree

And here are the apples from my other tree, which I have had for at least 15 years. Every year I get a wonderful harvest.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Good and Bad

Daily Prompt: The Art of devastation

Shadows 23.01 (5)

And another happy go lucky theme to write about. If I was a philosopher I would write about the clouds I see approaching on the horizon of threats to security, but why bother. I sit in a cosy little country. We have direct democracy. If you feel that something is going wrong, just collect a few signatures and all various stages of the process being completed. everyone has their say. There will be a vote . Now isn’t that nice. The machinery begins to turn, you are inundated with vast volumes of literature, bombarded by various political parties to convince that it is a good thing, or a bad thing, and one day the country decides. No devastation, just wondering what to do. If no-one had had the idea to change things, we would all carry on as usual.

I have my own personal little devastations. I do not really bother to watch the TV news now, it is so depressing, and I get all I need to know on my telephone. A new star is born on the tennis court, a new law has been accepted in our country. and someone wants to call me on the phone, but leaves a message because they call when I have my midday golden oldie sleep.

My neurologist wants to see me again so his assistant calls and I call back. I get an appointment for the middle of Friday morning when I do the week-end shopping. I say I prefer the afternoon, but the doc is not there in the afternoon. She has an alternative appointment at 1.00 p.m. when I am finishing my lunch, but not wanting to devastate her appointment calendar I eventually agree on 8.30 on a Tuesday morning. Even this is not my favourite time. It means rise and shine at the crack of dawn, eat breakfast, shower and on my way into town. and what about my “Good Morning” blog. This becomes an immpossibility. I could write it the evening before and programme it for the morning, but how do I know what will be happening the next morning to write about. I also have a bathroom I prefer to clean thoroughly on Tusday morning. My Tuesday is devastated before it begins.

I really have better things to do so early in the morning, but probably so does my doctor. And after all I am a golden oldie, and have nothing important to do with my day. I also realise I love my routine and dislike disturbances to the routine.

Last week my routine was destroyed by a cough and cold. I remember a week ago I spent most of the day in bed hoping it would go away. It did not go away, but I managed to drag myself through the daily chores and today I feel the cold is waving goodbye, slowly but surely. I like things to run smoothly,  because there comes a time in life when you need them to run smoothly. You no longer want appointments, things to do, but only things you want to do.

Even my amaryllis had decided to die as if in sympathy. But wait, what do I see at the base. A few new leaves and a second bud, all is not lost. When we think that there is no more hope, even an amaryllis sympathises. Actually this is the truth. I wanted to take a photo of my dying amaryllis as a symbolic image of devastation. As I carried it to the kitchen table for a full length photo, I saw that a new life was growing at the base. It is not all lost, where there is an amaryllis bud there is hope.

Daily Prompt: The Art of devastation

Good Morning, Bonjour

Frosty Morning 23.01 (19)

At the moment I am living in a Winter wonderland. Due to freezing temperatures and weather conditions, the trees now have a winter dress. According to the Swiss weather man on radio, it all depends on how quickly it freezes whether we get pretty patterns or not. If it freezes too quickly you just get ice, but if the process goes slowly you get sculptured ice – something like that. In any case he did not exactly say it was an invitation to take photos, but that is the way I look at it.

Every time I go shopping with my chauffeur I sit next to him with the camera. As soon as we leave the garage, I have removed it from my bag, taken off the lens cap and organised the camera. I do not have a big opportunity for fitting the right lens at the right time, so just use the basic lens and settings. I usually set the camera to transport option, as we are moving and I have to avoid getting blurred photos. Transport on my camera means it takes 2 photos one quickly after the other. When I upload them on the comuter in the evening I have a production of about 60-70 photos, half of which I usually delete.

Now and again Mr. Swiss does tell me to put the camera down as I am disturbing his view on the road, but this is usually when he is turning a corner and then photos are not so good in any case. He always has something to complain about, but that is man. We eventually arrive at the supermarket, but who knows, perhaps there is an interesting arrival on the meat counter, or the fruit selection that is worthy of a photo.

Eventually we leave the supermarket after taking a few photos of the newest flower arrivals, so my camera is again ready for the return journey. I like action in life. Some look out of the window, some might do crossword puzzles, others listen to music – me, I take photos.

Frosty Morning 23.01 (10)

We seem to live in the middle of a forest at the moment. There is nothing like frosty weather to feature trees.

At last my cold has decided to say a slow goodbye. Yesterday was the first night for a long while that I did not awake coughing and spluttering and sneezing. Mr. Swiss still has his cold but it is a man cold and they last longer. At the moment I am sitting here on my tod writing, as he had to pay a visit to the doc, with orders to buy some bread in the store that happens to be next to the doctor’s surgery. Sometimes I quite like peaceful mornings with no-one at home, just me and few blackbirds and magpies outside and my breakfast. What could be better.

Mistletoe 23.01 (2)

Another favourite subject of mine to photograph is mistletoe in the trees. There is a certain area on the drive, where there are a group of trees, all having their mistletoe growths. They are a parasite of course. The berries somehow arrive on the bark of the tree and then they begin to bury their roots into the tree and share the tree. I find they make interesting subjects to photograph. Of course, some say they kill the trees eventually, and this is probably true, but these trees have been where they are, complete with mistletoe for as long as I can remember, so perhaps they live in symbiosis with each other. It might even be that the two species can no longer live without one another. I am sure this should be a good basis for some sort of science fiction or horror story. The invasion of the Mistletoe – the Christmas threat, or Never kiss under the Mistletoe, they could be planning to devour you.

Bipper Lisi 23.01.2017

And as we were approaching the town of Solothurn, the local trains was approaching us, another one of my favourite themes. I could have brighten up the photo, but this was how it appeared in real life. It was a dull grey day and so it should be – not everything has to be distorted with a photo programme.

And now I will leave you, I have things to do and places to go and action is called for. Housework is not completed at the computer, unfortunately.