Good Morning

Look what I got this morning – a red sunrise, not quite one of the best, but for a few minutes it was there.

When I looked a little later, this was all that was left. I suppose you cannot have everything. Yesterday was another great Autumn day so I saddled my wheelchair and took it for a drive down to the river. I was careful as I had already used it the day before on a longer journey, but it took me along the river bank.

And there was plenty to shoot with the camera. Autumn at its best with the trees and their reflection in the river. I almost had the path to myself, just a few people taking a stroll. Even the clouds played their part in the scenery.

And this must be the most photographed swan on the river at the moment. It was completely alone. It was quite an angry swan as it kept hissing and I did not know that they hissed. I was glad it stayed in the water. From the colour of its feathers it was one of the swans from this year in Spring. There was an elderly couple also taking photos of the swan.

I must have taken at least 20 photos of it. I really enjoyed my wheelie. It has been a long while since I rolled along the river.

This shot was from the side of the river in the part where some trees are growing. They are also feeling the Autumn atmosphere.

I also noticed a bird flying into a tree. I was not sure so took a few photos and I was surprised to see I actually managed to catch it on the camera, although not so perfect. I believe it to be a magpie from the colours, but am not sure.

My plumber called again yesterday morning and replaced the leaking parts below my bathroom sink. It is now perfect and no more suspicious pools of water on the floor. We have now been living here for 25 years and never had to replace anything in the bathroom, except for a couple of sinks where we had cracked them (the insurance paid) so I cannot complain and we have a very good plumber. I think living in a small part of the world, everyone sort of becomes family colleagues.

This afternoon I will take my scooter to town as I have a few items to get. Mr. Swiss cigarettes and I notice a couple of interesting offers in the grocery store in their meat department.

My cleaning lady has come and gone already and I also had a delivery from my online store, so I now comfortable for the week. I hope you all have a good day wherever you are. I leave you with another glimpse of our river in its Autumn clothes.

14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning!
    Filbert (or hazelnut) grow wild in the forest there! I do not know what its natural native range is in Europe, and since it has been in cultivation for so long, it is unlikely that anyone else does either. It is the ancestor of the modern cultivars that are grown in Oregon now.

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      • English walnut is likely native to the region, since it is native to most of Europe. The particular specimen could be a completely wild tree, or related to cultivars (ether a feral descendant of cultivars, or an intentionally planted tree) that were developed for nut production. Of the primary fruits and nuts that were formerly grown in the orchards of the Santa Clara Valley, English walnut was the only sort that is not a stone fruit (of the genus Prunus). (Almonds were the other primary nut, but they are the ‘pit’ of a stone ‘fruit’.) ‘English’ walnut was actually developed in Persia, and merely popularized by the English. Furthermore, the most popular cultivar of the Santa Clara Valley was ‘Carpathian’ (as in the Californian Carpathian English Persian walnut). Three of such trees that lived at the home of my great grandparents were remnants of the orchard that formerly occupied the site. (Goodness, that was WAY more information than you needed!)

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