Good Morning

The sun had just begun to show itself this morning when I had my first look at the outside world and the Jura managed to get the first rays. Otherwise it was quite misty in the distance.

And now we have October already. How fast this year has gone, summer seemed to be gone in a flash and now time to fetch out the winter warm jackets and get the hats ready. However, we are still having temperatures during the day of 20° C, although not more. In the morning it is quite fresh outside. Yesterday it was a quiet day in our area, being St Urs Day which is the town saint and the stores being closed. This did not bother me so much as I was at home baking the daily bread and generally taking it easy.

This morning I gathered all my special plants, mainly orchids, together on the table outside ready for the great migration to the warmer inside of the apartment. The orchids have been flowering all through the Summer, but with night temperatures of 3-4° C it is now getting a little too cold for them.

And look who paid a visit yesterday. I had not seen a bird so close in the garden since I stopped feeding them due to no more bird food from the stores. However, Mr. Swiss ordered some nuts for eating, but the wrong sort. Instead of being salted they were in their natural condition. Both of us are not too keen on cashews etc. in this way, but I had a brilliant idea to feed them to the birds. They prefer the natural state of the nut and the magpie was one of the first to arrive. As they are quite sizeable nuts they are not so interesting for the smaller birds. However, magpies are the scavangers of the bird world in our area and are not fussy.

This one made the most of the feast and this morning the nutty delicacies had disappeared. We have a colony of magpies living in the trees on our estate, as well as a complete murder of crows, although they are now busy gatherring the goodies that are being uncovered in the ground from our new building site.

I am planning a little excursion into town this afternoon to see what the store has to offer.

I also noticed that one of the neighbour’s cats, Shoo Shoo, was sitting outside yesterday, probably hoping that a bird might arrive for a feline adventure.

And I am off to my Friday adventure to see what the day will bring. I will be getting a grocery delivery this morning to get us all through the week-end, although I have enough food in frozen condition. I even tidied up my freezer in the cellar yesterday and organised it better. I always have to keep an eye on the dates on the frozen goods, especially the meat, but I noticed that I have everything under control.

Have a good day everyone, take it easy and have a good start to the week-end.