RDP Tuesday: Seal

Here is a seal. It costs only 11.90 Swiss Francs and lives in the local supermarket. He does not hop around in the sea, as we have no sea in Switzerland, but he looks quite happy.

But you can also seal something. In this case the worker was sealing with fire when renovating our building.

He did a lot of sealing whilst he was here, but sometimes I was not sure what he was actually sealing. I know he used a lot of fire and flames to do the work and no humans were harmed in the process.

RDP Tuesday: Seal

Good Morning

This is the yesterday afternoon sky. This morning we have absolutely nothing worth seeing. It is a grey sheet outside, no clouds and looking like rain, although the rain has now stopped. It is also not so warm. The weather prophets tell me it will get better with even a some sun now and again. This morning my cleaning lady has arrived and is busy doing the necessary. I have decide to take it easy, no unnecessary stress. I do not have to go anywhere or do anything.

I am thinking about uploading windows 11 on my computer which will keep me busy. It is supposed to be easier to handle than windows 10, although I have never had any problem with 10. You just get used to these new developments eventually. The new system has been released today and it costs nothing to update your windows 10 to 11. I think they just keep doing it to keep us all awake. The new system is supposed to be golden oldie friendly.

A magpie decided to pay a visit yesterday, but he did not stay long. He just picked up the remains of the seeds I had put out for the sparrows.

You have to be quick to pick up anything the sparrows might leave. They usually take everything. This morning I have not yet distributed any goodies, they will have to wait until the afternoon. I will be staying at home today, except for a visit to my hairdresser this afternoon. It is time for a decent cut again and no more snipping around myself. I have got longer hair again after many years, and want to keep it neat and tidy.

The local gardener responsible for our estate arrived yesterday causing a lot of noise, and cut the remains of our wild meadow. Everything is now looking neat and tidy.

He also trimmed the grass borders, so now we are set for the Winter. I just got a message from my online grocery store that the chauffeur is almost here, so I will be busy storing the food and deep freezing some meat.

And now I am off to prepare dinner, nothing special, but it does not cook on its own. Have a good day and keep safe.