RDP Monday: Kenspeckle (eyecatching)

Mr- Swiss went to the dentist – nothing too bad, a fitting for his new teeth He was away for about an hour. Then I heard the key in the door and this figure entered. Was this my Mr. Swiss, the man I married 52 years ago, the one I trusted, fed and spoilt all these years? They were his glasses and his clothes, even his shape. I had to take a photo in case I would have to report that a stranger had broken into the home – but no worry. He was not welding a knife and as soon as he had removed the mask it was my familiar Mr. Swiss. Today you can never be certain, there are too many masked people – and now he has a wonderful new set of teeth. No, the dentist did not make two extra large teeth at the top corners with eye catching points on the edge and I do not have puncture marks on my neck.

RDP Monday: Kenspeckle (eyecatching)

Good Morning

I have really have a mix up this morning. Trying to reduce my usage of the space allowed on my site, I cancelled the photo of my friendly cows on the main page. I am still working on something new and discovered that I have a lot to learn about fixing it. In the meanwhile you will have to bear with me. To begin the day here is Autumn from my area. All we have at the moment in the morning is mist and nothing clearly to see.

Yesterday I went for a journey in my wheelchair along the river again. I was quite pleased that I even managed to get to town and back and my wheelchair was still on full power. I really neglected it during the summer with trips to town on my scooter, the problem being that my scooter has an attachment for my walker which I ineed when carrying goos from a shopping trip and my wheelchair does not.

Of course I took a few photos on the way. This is our River Aare taken with ny camera as I was crossing the bridge into town.

And this is the patth across the bridge for pedestrians. The bridge is on two levels. The level above is the road, also for pedestrians, but this is much safer with no traffic. I remember when they replaced the old bridge a few years ago. It was done in a year and they constructed it parallel to the old one.

And after wasting so much time on fixing something like a header on my site, I should begin to organise my day. I do not really plan going anywhere. I have a bread to bake and some organising to do with the vacuum cleaner – and of course finding something decent for my web site header. Have a good day everyone and have fun. I will be back I hope, if the WordPress organisation does not stop me.