Good Morning

I almost gave up on a morning photo today as everything was so shrouded in mist, but I found what I could and took my photo.

I at last managed to get a pack of bird food yesterday at the store, but just one smaller pack. I filled my bird house with some to spare and now I am ready to go. It remained empty for a while and then was discovered and since I have been happily taking photos of the local birds. My online ordering store are also now offering bird food and I ordered a king sized pack that will be delivered on Friday: it is just too big for me to drag home from the store in town.

Yesterday afternoon I decided to go into town and surprise, not for Mr. Swiss cigarettes. He has enough until next week, so he said. The men were busy working on the rail tracks as I wheeled past. They moved to give me some distance. I do not know what they were doing. The all greeted quite friendly – I think they know me now, although everyone seems to greet me when I am on my way. Probably I am known as the lady with the scooter.

I entered town by the side road passing the old fort and lots of autumn foliage. The trees are now so colourful with the changing season and as we have had no rain the leaves are still on the trees. As soon as they begin to drop we will have quite a mess on the streets.

As I passed our concert hall I saw all these people waiting outside. I am not sure if there was a concert, mid afternoon, or perhaps it was some sort of important local occasion. I will have to look at the newspaper today.

I arrived at the store and notice my No. 1 son was also there, but he did not see me. He was at the front of the queue and I was at the back. It is good to get out and see other places as long as the weather stays OK. Our local authorities have now begun to give the booster Covid jab, but only for golden oldies over the age of 65 like myself. I am not sure how it is being organised, but I will contact them today. It seems this booster jab is getting something like the flu vaccine to be done every year.I have never had a flu jab, but will be calling my doc to have one this year. I am not getting any younger and better to be on the safe side.

When I approached the store I saw this ambulance parked outside on the road. There was a guy in front of me that took a photo, so I deided I would take one as well. I parked my scooter and was approaching the entrance when two ambulance people came out of the store bearing a stretcher between them with their patient. I have the feeling that someone must have had a weak moment when shopping, thinking it could have been me with my problems. The ambulance drove off, but no horn sounding or lights flashing so it was not so serious I hope.

I am not sure what I will be doing today. Perhaps a local wheelie in my chair if the weather stays OK. And now I should be off for the daily chores. I just cannot leave it and have to keep myself busy. Stay safe everyone and have a good day.