Good Morning

I was tempted not to take a photo this morning as all I could see was mist everywhere. I waited some minutes hoping for a brilliant sunrise with all the trimmings, but the sun is still hiding behind the clouds, although it is a little brighter. This is what we have at the moment with a promise from the weather men on the radio that the clouds will clear by midday and even temperatures will rise to 18°C, which I will only believe when I witness it myself.

I did manage to break out yesterday afternoon. I was determined to witness something more than my four walls at home. Actually I also wanted to use my wheelchair again. I used it a week ago after fully uploading the battery and it worked OK for my needs, although the battery lights switched to one green one after an hour which was a little suspect. When the battery is freshly uploaded it should stay with the two green lights for a day at least, if not more, I decided on a journey to the nearby farm yesterday which is quite a distance when I do all the detours. My battery was on full power again after uploading it and I was glad to see that it was now behaving normally. I should really use my wheelchair more regularly. It is not suited for trips to the store as I cannot deal with my shopping so well, and prefer my scooter as I can hang my walker on it and transport more supplies.

Apart from the cows, I also had a flock of birds circling overhead. I do not know what they were as they were too far away. The migratory birds have long left for the warmer countries, so this could be some crows having a group flight.

There were also a few grazing horses. I was trying for the horse in the background but the other horse decided to do some photo bombing, showing it was the boss.

The farm owners had at last moved their chicken apartments to a place where I could take some useful photos. They have two of these mobile chicken coops. The chickens can stay inside or take a walk outside according to their mood. As it was a sunny day most of them were outside, doing what chickens do.

The weather had encouraged many people to take a walk around our castle surroundings. It was a perfect afternoon for it. I eventually returned home. Sunday is a stressless day for me: no chores to deal with in the evening as everyone serves themself from the fridge and I was happy on my computer uploading photos and organising my next grocery deliveries for next week.

I have one strange problem at the moment. We have two sinks in our bathroom and one is losing water. The plumber was here last week and discovered that the sink was not waterproof when it was completely full. I never fill it completely, but he said it was probably from splashes. I have now stopped using this sink as we get on fine with just the other sink. However, it is still leaking and I discovered from the join in the u-turn under the sink. I called the plumber this morning and he said it was because of the leaking sink. I told him I have not used the sink for a few days but I have discovered where the water is coming from, although just dripwise. I now have a towel under the leaking part. It is not a lot of water but collects and spills onto the floor if nothing is done. The plumber is coming again to take another look this morning, These things are really annoying, especially if they happen over the week-end.

And I should now be moving on, not knowing if I might just escape for half an hour in this wonderful weather this afternoon. After all no-one is waiting for me.

Have a good beginning to the week and avoid stress if possible. I leave you with a view from my wheelie yesterday towards the Jura mountains including some of the fields on the local farm.