Good Morning

Now that is a way to begin the day. The Autumn sky is really doing it well. Not just blue with a sun, but a lighting effect to enjoy. It is then worth rising and stop hugging the bed, although there is a little mist still hanging around on ground level. I do not mind, The days are sunny, although getting colder and I am thinking of wearing my warmer jacket for my scooter journeys into the unknown. Yesterday I took my wheelchair for a drive, just around my village area, I did not intend on a long journey, just half an hour, but I was curious to see if the chair was still working. I had not ued it for a couple of months, as I make most journeys on my scooter.The wheelchair was functioning OK, although I noticed that full power was not constant and was decreasing now and again. Nothing serious, still in the green range, but not performing a it should. It is good for sightseeing and photographic journeys where I do not have to go to the stores. I will leave it for now, but next Spring will probably have to get a new battery which should do the trick. In the meanwhile I just keep it functioning. During Winter I would not use it so much – too cold for a pleasure trip with a camera. I even reduce my excursions with my scooter. When my mobility was diminishing and I no longer had a car, I intended to use the local train more. However, that is not a good idea. With my walker it was complicated and I have to walk to the station, Although just a few minutes for a normal non handicapped person, I need more than double the time and it is a great inconvenience. I now have good deliveries from my local large branch of the store, twice a week and they have all basic items. I can deep freeze most meats for later and now and again I venture to the local store and buy frozen goods. Otherwise my family and I live on fresh vegetables, salads and packed meat varieties. We survive quite well and it is not more expensive than otherwise. It is just a matter of adapting to a new way of life, which has become our normal way of life gradually.

As mentioned, I did escape yesterday, just around my part of the village and reached the local river, the Aare, which flows through everything in our Kanton. It was looking very blue, which it is, although the sky helped a little.

Our local waste disposal plant was still churning out its smoke from the chimneys. It is not polluted, just the smoke from burning the rubbish. As an addition to the chimneys we now have three cranes as the unit is being developed and enlarged.

It is actually in another village on the other side of the river which cannot be seen. There was even a clear view of the mountains in the Bernese Overland in the distance,.

This part of the village is not such an exciting place, although we do have our Jura mountains in the background. They are perhaps not as near as it seems, and I would need a 15 minute car drive to arrive at the foot of them.

I don’t think I saw any inhabitants of the village on my journey. They were either at home or probably out shopping. However when I reached the path down to the river I saw more people that had decided to take a walk in the good Autumn weather.

There was also a helicopter circling above, but no idea for what purpose. It did not seem to be a rescue helicopter for our hospital.

I also noticed that the mais is now being harvested in the village. The last crop to go It is not for human consumption, but for the animals on the farms.

And that was my uninteresting yesterday, although it is always good to go somewhere for a change. I do not know what my intentions are today. I need no groceries and am fully decked until next week. If the weather is really good I might take a journey somewhere this afternoon, or I might decide to bake something. I should really do something with ny many apples.

In the meanwhile I hope that all is well on your side of the world or in your country – wherever you are. Have a good one, the week-end is just around the corner. I could naturally not leave without showing our alps that were visible yesterday from the path around the village.