RDP Sunday: Cryptic

Jabberwocks, Bandersnatches and toves, not to forget our friends living in the borogoves. Today we are clumpled in plunking our glorious treasure of gumpy words for a klongle to plankablog on the brillig and plonkle drigs of our so-called Jabberwockian words of slig. Let us spread the klankle to the brigs of the Jubjub tree and one day this chong of klings will be ours and the human element will be gringled. And now take your vorpal plogs and fruum the clingles of our future bliggies. Slog your friggles and shoffle in the folds of the fligs. It is time to trug and clog. And forever, let us be cryptic in hoggle and ploog.

RDP Sunday: Cryptic

Good Morning

A good bright morning greeting from the sky, although we have a föhn storm predicted, meaning strong winds and plenty of rain. In the meanwhile I am just enjoying the weather that we have.

I even ventured to the local store yesterday afternoon as I had really forgotten something I needed. I took the photo standing behind my scooter. I was baking a meat pie for the evening meal and forgot the rolled out flaky pastry. That is something I do not make myself – too much work and the result is not worth the work. I decided I should visit this supermarket more. It is a smaller version of the store in town without restaurant and butcher’s department. They only have prepacked meat, but it is always fresh. It also has more natural light with windows, and it is nice and spacious. Since they renovated the supermarket in town they no longer have windows, it is all artificial light and very dismal. The only plus is the butchers where you can choose your meat and quantity. I also discovered that our local supermarket had some good offers which the one in town does not have, although it is the same company. I have now decided to visit the local store more. I only needed a half hour to do the shopping including the journey to and from the store. It is also quite handy for getting ice cream supplies as they keep well in the special bags I have for ice and I am only away a short time.

Perhaps the journey is not so interesting with its scenery as I just have to travel along the side of the main road and local railway tracks for a few minutes to get there, but you still get a view of the Jura mountains in the background.

And there is one of our local churches on the way. Next to it there is a senior home for golden oldies like myself.

Before this supermarket was opened about three years ago, it was a garage, actually our garage where I bought my cars, but they have now moved out to an industrial area with more room and Mr. Swiss and I no longer have a car. The gase stations remians. The idea not to have a car was forced under the circumstances of our age and abilities, but we are now used to being carless and it works well. I have my scooter (also Mr. Swiss has one) for occasions when I have a shopping trip, otherwise it is all delivered online through the computer.

Today I will not be going anywhere and just have a quiet day at home. It is already the last day of our local Autumn fair. I drive past when I go to town, but have not entered the halls. There are too many people and I have visited many years in the past. My No. 1 son goes almost every day and on Saturday evening they have local bands with music. It is all done with great care due to Covid. Actually checking in our area on Internet there are very few new cases daily in our Kanton, just 1-2 and in our village absolutely none for the past year.

Have a good day everyone and enjoy your Sunday.