Good Morning

Luckily the trees have put on their Autumn dress, otherwise it is just a misty Sunday morning. According to the weather report it will be a sunny day. Yesterday I uploaded my wheelchair and plan to go for a wheelie along the river this afternoon. However, I have too many plans for today.

Yesterday I roasted a chicken for the evening meal and on top of the baking sessions for my daily bread, my oven is looking a little worst for wear, so I should indulge in a cleaning session. Then I have some ironing few hobbies to tend to as well as uploading the photos I will be taking on my wheelie this afternoon.

I have been busy tidaying up ny WordPress pages and removing what I no long need. My capacity is now at its limit, but it makes no difference. I can cancel what I want, but the amount of usage (97%) remains the same, Is the only solution really to add to my subscription for $24 monthly for extra deals – this is ridiculous. However I am still working on it. I was also planning on baking a swiss apple tart, but I am not sure I will have the time. I always thought Sunday should be a day of rest in our culture, but it seems to be a day of stress. In only a week we will have to add an hour to our time which I do not mind so much. It means an hour more in bed. I will at last find my stolen hour from Spring.

My feline visitor Röschti has discovered that the Autumn afternoon sun bathing can be quite pleasant on my porch. My cat treats are slowly going to an end and I have only enough remaining for today. My next delivery will be on Tuesday with my other groceries, but I am sure he will survive.

I discovered this strange insect in my apartment, but believe it to be a cricket. Now the Summer days have gone and it was searching for a warmer place probably. I left it to do its own thing and felt quite sorry for it. A day later I discarded its remains as it had gone to the happy cricket hunting grounds.

i also saw a spider on my herb bed outside, another refugee from the last days of the warmer weather. This morning I wanted to take a better photo, but the web is no longer: Another disappearing insect. I never realised so much how they all disappear during the colder seasons.

And now I will disappear to deal with my daily life, but I will be back. Have a good Sunday.