Fandango’s Provocative Question #140

During the height of the pandemic, to what extent did you avail yourself of online shopping for meals, groceries, and other goods and services? If you did use online shopping and delivery services, now that things have eased up a bit, has your reliance on or use of such service continued at the same rate, increased, or decreased. To what extent?

This is the man that delivers my grocery order twice a week and he is almost my angel in disguise. If there was one good thing that arrived with the pandemic, it was the organising of bringing goods home. At the beginning the stores and companies were overwhelmed with the demands, most people being isolated at home and it was a few months before it got organised in Switzerland. There were many disappointed people that realised that waiting time for a slot could be almost a month. At this time I still had my car. I would add that I am handicapped with MS. I can walk and I was risking outings to the store with perhaps a virus floating around with my car as there was no other possiblity to get my required food. This changed thank goodness and the store companies began to re-organise themselves.

In the meanwhile I was having more problems with my mobility and had to rethink the situation. It was then I got a notification from one of the main Swiss store chains, Migros, of which I was a member inviting me to take part in their new online system called MyMigros. Only people invited could partake and after weighing it up I decided to join. It was a pilot project and in the meanwhile that have exetended the system. It was the best decision I had made and if something good had to come out of this Covid curse, this was it. Two years later I am placing two weekly orders on the computer. They have a very good web site to choose the goods and as I have the routine I plan deliveries for Tuesday and Friday morning around 10-11 which works very well. I even get a message on my phone from the chauffeur to tell me he is on his way and a confirmation on the computer on the morning of the delivery showing what will be delivered. The groceries come from the local large store where I used to shop and are always fresh. The dates are arecent. At the same time I had organised a deep freezer chest for home and a machine to vacuum pack items to be frozen. I can now freeze meat mainly for cooking at a later date. This system cannot deliver frozen goods as their trucks as they do not have the facilities (although they tell me they are working on it). If something is not available I can mark my order for alternatives (which are very well organised), although it does not happen very often. I also have the opportunitiy to send a message on my computer to their office with any problems I might have and I always get an answer on the same day. Financially I do quite well as I get bonus items and all the perks you have in the store. The cost of delivery is minimal, but I pay nothing as from 80 Swiss francs delivery is free and that is no problem for me. I can also order non food items such as bathroom articles: toilet paper, tissues etc. I can pay with banking online, or in my case with my post office account.

This has now become a permanent system in my household life. My MS is naturally not improving with the years, but I can manage. My husband also has mobility problems so it is really a godsend that this has now been organised. More and more people in Switzerland are now ordering online. Now and again I take my scooter and walker to the stores to get frozen goods or fresh meat from the butcher and I notice how much space there now is: no-one is queing in the store, and there is no longer panic buying. It is easy to move around and shopping no longer has any stress. In Switzerland, at least in my area, there has been a revolution in buying customs and I am one big happy customer. The crush at holiday time has gone and no-one is panic buying.

I also have a company which is very reliable for delivering non food items, My life has really been re-organised, I have become a logistic expert.

Online buying and deliveres are perfect and I could not wish for a better system.

Fandango’s Provocative Question #140

RDP Friday: Conference

There I am at the end of the table sitting behind a card that says Secretary, but what was I doing there? I was working for a Swiss company dealing mainly with English related business being the only person in the company with english mother tongue. It was a company manufacturing hand tools for all over the world. These were discussed at a conference during the years and the conference was again approaching, This time Switzerland was holding the chair and organising everything. It was the CEE Conference in Oslo, Norway 1968 to discuss safey rules and regulations.

I was asked if I would take the minutes of the meeting. These were the days before dictaphone and such electronic devices, everything was written down manually and my stenography had to be good enough. The conference was held in mainly the english language with 5% French, but I even managed to write the french parts. I was the chosen one, and was asked. Of course you do not say no to a flight to Norway and a hotel for a week with everything included, as well as a few sight seeing trips around Oslo.

So there I was sitting at the end of the desk with all these technical experts. This being more than 50 years ago I am probably the only living person to remember it all today. I think I had more stress writing it all down after returning to Switzerland. I never found out what happened to my notes, but they must have been accepted. I had a look in Internet and discovered that the abbreviation CEE still exists, but have the feeling it has nothing to do with my conference.

It was the time when Mr. Swiss and I were gradually getting to know each other. A year later the conference was being held in London. They asked me again, but I then had a baby bump so that was the end of my career as a conference secretary.

RDP Friday: Conference

Good Morning

Let us have some afternoon clouds this morning. It seems that in the afternoon the sky awakes to produce something interesting. In the morning it is grey and damp and really nothing interesting. I noticed that WordPress limit my photo availability. It seems that after almost ten years of blogging here I have used 97% of my available space and they advise me to update to a WordPress Business Plan for $25 monthly, or am I misunderstanding something here. I will definitely not be paying so much. I have my photos mainly in Google and a little in Flickr. I like to show photos in my blogs. I have now removed all my photos from 2012 and have begun in 2013, but up to now it does not make a lot of difference. I was wondering how do you add photos and is there a better way to do it, saving space. It is for me especially difficult as photography is one of my hobbies.

In the meanwhile I continue and see what happens. This morning my hostas showed me that they are gradually losing their colour and decided to disappear from the garden. That means more Autumn work. No. 1 son will be needed to help to remove the leaves, but I wait until they are really finished and then we can just pull them out of the ground.We are then left with the stalks with the remaining seeds of the flowers to cut down. Eventually I can forget the garden until Spring when the crocus and daffodils appear. I also have various ornaments to transfer to the cellar for their Winter sleep. There is always something to do.

Today I will not be going anywhere and just relaxing at home. And now I am off to the usually daily tasks. I am getting an online delivery of groceries today and will be organised for the week-end.

Have a good Friday and enjoy.