Good Morning

Was not sure if the clouds were coming or going, but now it seems they are going and we are left with sunny blue skies, although quite a nip in the air. I have managed to postpone my travels for today.. I was busy enough yesterday with my blog and yes, a visit to the hairdresser. I am sure you all want to see what she did with me, so here it is: a golden oldie with a new hairstyle.

I could call this the Covid style, as I spent the last year growing my hair to all the same length, and that really took a year. Admittedly I still look the same with my wrinkles, but I did it, thanks to the time of isolation.

This morning I had visits from all the birds, although I now only have the remainders of the bag of nuts no-one wanted to eat. The robin arrived, a lot of sparrows, and even a crow decided to have a peck. Their photos are on my Nikon camera, so I will have to upload them and will only be ready tomorrow. It is now early morning and I should move on with my housework.

Yesterday evening was also quite some stress. I had a wash to complete and afterwards hang up. This morning It was dry and now already folded and dealt with. I also got to the end of my book. It was a Simon Beckett book with David Hunter the pathologist as the main character. It was full of dead people and their murderer, this time a serial killer, but it had a surprising twist at the end. I had dealt with the washing and actually wanted to go to bed, but I just could not put the book down and so I finished it. Naturally I had an almost sleepless night afterwards: too many decomposing bodies I suppose. However Simon Beckett is one of my favourite authors, so will now search for a new book from his various works. They are all connected with dead people. I know I do have a morbid taste now and again.

If I cannot sleep, I always have my iPad next to the bed and so completed my next shopping list for the coming week-end to pass the time and hoped I would eventually fall asleep.

Have a good day everyone. I must now visit the shower and deal with the state of the apartment.