Good Morning

For a change, let us begin with a view of yesterday afternoon. This morning we have the usual dull grey skies with a band of brightness where the sun is thinking of arriving, but in the afternoon the sun will be here. Although temperatures are now only around 14°C on the cooler side, you can feel the warmth when the sun is shining.

Yesterday there was nothing special happening. I baked my daily bread and took a few photos. My No. 1 son went into town as usual. He always visits the same restaurant where he meets his colleagues who are mainly musicians in the local rock bands. This time I organised him to get Mr. Swiss cigarettes and it worked very well with all the special prices. He might be autistic, but he has great powers of logic. I am glad as it means I no longer have to go into town, but can please myself according to my mood. Today I will probably just visit the local store along the road. It is a better store for shopping and I was told last week that they are even making more turnover than the larger store in town.

Otherwise nothing special happening here. My garden has an interesting monument since the gardener bound the fronds of the reeds together. I noticed it still has a few green leaves. Yes, everything is now getting ready for Autumn.

The leaves are slowly turning.

My rudbeckia laciniata is the last flower in the garden to show its colours and it will probably be blooming into November. It is really the only plant to show fresh flowers in October. It is the only splash of colour in our estate at this time of the year.

I had a visitor in the apartment yesterday from Roschti, the cat next door. Mr. Swiss informed me with surprise that there was a cat in our kitchen. He often has a sniff around to see if there is anything on offer.

After he got his treats he disappeared, but returned again later. This time I told him there was nothing and he disappeared to see what the local area had to offer. You just have to like him with his pleading innocent eyes.

It is now time for me to go, Mr. Swiss has decided to stop hugging the bed and I have a few things to organise. I will be getting a grocery delivery later this morning and have already received the confirmation of what will be arriving.

Have a good day everyone, only today and then it will be the week-end again.