Good Morning

There were a few interesting views of the sunrise this morning, although my sunrise is about an hour later than the actual rising sun, due to hugging the bed until 7-8 a.m: no good rushing things in the early morning. According to the weather report, as I am listening to the radio sender from our part of Switzerland (Aargau and Solothurn), we will have a sunny day and it will get warmer.

I was off to town yesterday and noticed my two gardeners were busy caring for the surroundings of our local railway. The saw me and said they would call past to finish off my garden according to my wishes. As I would not be at home I told them to leave it until next week.

However when I returned from the town they were just finishing their job on the railway and I told them if they still wanted to finish my garden I would now be at home. That was no problem, and when I arrived home they had to begun the finishing work in my garden.

They had covered my garden earth with a neat layer of wood chippings and I did not like this.

I contacted the chief gardener and he said they would remove this layer and replace it with humus which I now have. I am so glad, it now looks like a normal garden and not like something from the local cemetary. Now the garden can do its own thing during the Winter and I am sure the worms and beetles will be happy

In between I was off to town for a few bits and pieces. People were now out enjoying the late sunny Autumn weather. There were now more jackets instead of t-shirts. Masks were no longer so many.

Indeed there were now test centers for the Corona virus in various public buildings. We now have our annual Autumn fair and you are only allowed inside in the halls if you are vaccinated or can prove that you have a clean bill of health. In this case you can have a test to prove it if you are not vaccinated. I was surprised to see how many people needed this proof. Our family has all had their jabs and we would just have to show the app on the telephone and our identity card to enter.

I will not be visiting the exhibition as there are too many people and it would be awkward with my scooter to enter. Outside there were crowds and that was enough for me. I went about my business in town and got a few fresh meat supplies to freeze for later. There were also a few good special offers in the store.

I eventually made my way home through our Basel tower passing the cathedral on the way. I was quite busy with the gardeners when I arrived home and also had my meat purchases to vaccuum and freeze and just had no time for anything on the computer. Although sometimes it is good to have a break from the usual routine. I have now discovered that due to golden oldie forgetfulness I still need a couple of urgent items for the week-end, but no problem. I will be off to the local supermarket this afternoon. Have nothing better to do today.

Have a good week-end everyone, and stay safe.

My scooter road to the local supermarket.