Good Morning

Nothing special this morning, but I suppose even a clouded day has its charm, although I have not yet found it. Listening to the local weather prophets on the radio, it seems that there will be sunny spells somewhere today, although I am not sure if our area is included. I have no plans to go anywhere, so it makes no difference, although I am happy to be able to shoot a few photos somewhere. Perhaps something unexpected might turn up – what an exciting life I lead.

Yesterday I went to the local store for a few odds and ends, but my odds and ends always seem to become more. I was on my way by electric scooter and not the local train. As soon as I see the sign special offer and it is something I otherwise regularly buy, I cannot resist. No. 1 son decided he would not be here this evening as there is a concert of pop music somewhere and he will eating his evening meal there. It was a little late to change my shopping plans as I had already included him in the evening meal. I was planning on a pizza for everyone this evening, but being a qualified housewife I could adapt. The pizza pastry (I bought one) is good for more than a week and all the other ingredients can also be kept. I switched to a so-called toast hawaii for me and Mr. Swiss.

For those who do not know it, it is toast with a layer of ham, a pineapple slice and cheese grilled to melt. Afterwards you add paprika or/and grated nutmeg according to taste. The photo is from an earlier meal. I had all the ingredients except for the cheese slices. When I got home and unpacked everything I discovered there were no cheese slices. Did I forget them or mislay the in the store? I decided to check my scooter and sure enough they were hidden in the attached basket, so all was saved and my shopping was complete. Now I am all set until the next grocery delivery. The time is slowly coming when I will be homebound due to the cold Winter weather and perhaps snow.

Last Winter was a time of isolation due to our common enemy, Covid. I noticed that in Switzerland infections are now less, and yesterday for the whole country of 8 million population, we had under 1,000 cases, which we had not had for a long time. I will be happy when this curse disappears forever. Our Kanton is one of the three out of 26 Kantons that have the less cases.

I managed to take a few photos yesterday on the way and back to the store. This is a villa next to our estate.

Of course the Jura mountains are ever present wherever you go in our area.

The maize is still standing tall in the fields, but it will probably soon be cut to supply the animals with food during the Winter.

And I am now off. I have a chicken to stew for lunch with some veg and a walk around the apartment with the hoover and mop etc. Have a good week-end everyone.