RDP Wednesday: Melody

In our little Swiss market town we get a bit of everything. Sometimes you have the feeling you are somewhere on a Far East market. We have nationalities from all over the world, although I am often not sure how genuine the nationalities are.These two seem to be from somewhere in the Tibetan area, or perhaps in the Nepalese part of the world, somewhere in between the Himalaya mountains. Perhaps the only instruments they have are the mother’s cooking pots.

RDP Wednesday: Melody

Good Morning

And another super sunrise appears with a promise of sun. Yesterday was similar and it even warmed up a little in the afternoon. My adventures continue in the outside world and I was again on a tour, but this time in town. I had not been there for at least a week. My groceries are usually delivered, but now and again I like to take a tour of the stores myself and see what they have to offer. The best store is in another village which I used to visit when I still had my car. However, without a car it is no longer possible, but my grocery deliveries are from this store in a special department and it serves my purpose very well.I had a chance meeting with a colleague I had not seen for at least a year or two in town. She used to work at this store but is now a golden oldie like myself. She also hsd multipe sclerosis like myself, but no two cases are the same. She manages to walk around but with a stick for support. We compared notes on life a it progresses. Whereas I freeze my food for later use, she goes a step further: buys a lot and cooks it and freezes it so that she has to do is thaw it for cooking. Many roads lead to Rome and that is also a good system.I think I did a record freezing session yesterday, although it does not take so long to vacuum pack it Now I am really prepared fo the weeks ahead. I just have to make sure I label what it is with the date, which works well with my indelible pen.

I noticed there were some interesting cloud formations on my way to town yesterday, but it was a lovely sunny afternoon. My first stop in town was for a bar of cigarettes for Mr. Swiss consume for the next week.. At the age of 82 I let him get on with his pleasures, although it does not mean that I approve.

I noticed that Autumn is now taking over fast and furious. You could still see the bench in the museum park, ,although gradually sinking in leaves.

They seem to be laying everywhere at the moment, but also have their attractive side. I dread to think that when December arrives it will all be covered with snow, perhaps even in November. I was checking on holidays this morning and it seems to be OK this year with the Christmas holidays beginning on a Friday through to Monday. The stores will not be closed so long and planning the food will be OK. I will be organising most of it already in November – oh the delights of a freezer. Our next closed day will already be on 1st November for All Saints when most people visit the cemeteries and lay candles on the graves to commemorate. We have a couple of family members in the local cemetery, so might be making a visit. It is the day when the cemetery can get quite crowded.

On my way hone from town I could hear the sounds of cows doing their mooing song and saw that one of the local farmers now has these delightful cows in his field next to the railway tracks where I joirney home. There used to be horses on this field, but I noticed that since a year there were no more horses grazing there and it seems that the cows have now moved it. I found these cows really attractive with their grey colour.

They also seemed to be curious to see what I was doing with a camera and even posed for a couple of photos.

I was now nearing home. When I arrived I had a couple of items for the freezer and as they cannot deliver ready frozen goods on my online orders, as their vans do not have the freezing capacity, although I heard they are working on it.

I settled nicely at home and had a restful evening, although visited my laundry room for a washing session: so is the life of a modern housewife. I wonder how my mum managed without all the machines we have today, just to mention a dishwasher and washing machine.

I now wish everyone a restful day, we already have mid week. I will be spending the day home for a change, I have been touring enough since the week end. I was thinking about making a focaccia bread with the evening meal today. It does not take so long.