RDP Tuesday: Emotion

What an emotionless bunch we have become. Just a chance shot at the local bus stop. One guy is reading the newsaper and the others? Give them a mobile phone and the only emotions are when they have contact with their colleagues who also have a mobile phone. Otherwise there is no time for an emotion, they are all too busy with looking at their phones.

RDP Tuesday: Emotion

Good Morning

And now I am here after a busy start to the day. The sky was showing itself from the good side with my first photo of the morning, around 8.00 a.m. so it does look like it will be a good day. The sun has already arrived.

I noticed a red glow in the sky yesterday evening so was out with my camera to see what I could capture and it was worth the effort. Now is the time of the year when we get the good sunsets, must be something to do with the Autumn atmosphere. You can even see the moon over the trees.

The cleaning lady has been and gone and she brought me a copy of the book that has been published about her life. I am looking forward to reading it. The book is called “The Mule” and in the German language, although there will be an English edition and I will be checking the proofs before it is printed. Why “The Mule”. It is because growing up in Columbia and from a working class family with a son as a single mother you had to find a way of survival, and her way lead to becoming a drug courier as a young lady. She had quite a turbulent life and it was not easy. She gave me her permission to write about it here, but I first of all have to read the book which she gave me today, so more will follow.

I did not go anywhere yesterday, but still have some photos from my excursion on Sunday. It was really good to get out again. I spent the complete summer only making excursions to town and not exploring the local places. The crops have already been harvested and the land is ready for next year.

The cows were making the most of their last days outside relaxing in the warm sun. They are very rarely outside in Winter here, although there are some areas where they roam in the snow covered fields. I hope to go again some time this week to see what I can find. Today I will be off to town. My reserve supply of wine for cooking needs topping up. I really only use wine in my stews and other cooked meat dishes. I never drank it and even Mr. Swiss days of wine are over. We now just stick to the roses.

I saw these flowering in a garden on my way. They have not yet all disappeared.

But now I will disappear. Dinner is cooking and in half an hour my hungry No. 1 son will be here. My grocery delivey arrived this morning so eveything under control. Keep well and safe and may it be a good day for all.