Good Morning

I brightened up our dull sky with some flowers in a view from the back garden, otherwise there is nothing worth looking at above. It will probably be a sunny day, but the mornings begin so dull and unexciting. I at last escaped yesterday with my scooter and made a tour around the local castle via the local cemetary, mainly in the search of perhaps some Autumn trees.

They were not extrmely Autumn but a few are getting there. It is still warm enough to let the cows out in the village What a wonderful pastoral scene this is with the village church.

The cemetary was also showing itself from the colourful side of Autumn. I think I did not make this journey all through the Summer. I am slowing down a little, but yesterday I picked up my courage and travelled again even if it was only in the immediate village.

There were a few horses out grazing at the farm. It was so good to see them again.

It seems that the chickens have been re-accommodated. There used to be two mobile chicken runs, but now there is only one. The second has been reduced to a smaller area with less chickens, although they have an exit to the outside if they prefer sitting in the fresh air.

There were a few walkers enjoying the good weather and the sights in the area. I was glad to get out again, not just visiting the store or town.

Autumn trees were here and there and made a wonderful splash of colour in the village. I decided I should really get out more and see the world. It is a good time of the year for it.

I even had a buzzard accompanying above flying his circles.

And of course the castle was always showing itself on my tour. We are having some wonderful Autumn weather at the moment, just have to wrap yourself up to keep warm enough. Travelling on the scooter it can get quite windy. I should really charge up my electric wheelchair as that is more comfortable when on a photographic tour.

Today I will be recovering at home, but as long as the weather holds out I have plans for another excursion. I have no bread so will be baking today. I ate the remainder for my breakfast. I wish you all a good week ahead