Good Morning

It is a misty morning this morning, no sun up to now, But wait, I think it is slowly getting brighter.

It is definitely something different to yesterday afternoon when we had what I call bubble clouds everywhere. I was at home as I had no reason to go anywhere. My shopping was delivered in the morning and I have everything I need.

As you cam see I had a magpie visitor yesterday morning. I had to work on this one. I had got some peanuts and decided to see if I could tempt a bird for a photo. This magpie was first of all watching from the tree, wondering whether to risk the visit.

I decided I would have to be as sly as the magpie. I set up my camera and began to wait. This bird was not in a rush and I must have been poised with the camera at least ten minutes and then it pounced. It was all over in a few seconds, but I managed to capture his landing tactics.

Another time of waiting and here is an action photo with the peanut in its beak. Again he flew off

I must say they are very majestic birds and when they arrive everything else disappears, perhaps except for the crows. And that was yesterday’s excitement. Of course I cannot resist playing the ouverture to the Rossini opera “The Thieving Magpie”.

And now to go further. Although it is the week-end, I still have a programme to complete but no stress. Dinner and the evening meal is planned. No. 1 son said something about going to the cinema to see the new James Bond film this evening, I would like to see it myself, but must have patience until it arrives on the TV. I can no longer visit a cinema in the evening. I would have to organise a taxi.

I am now off to deal with life. Breakfast is finished and now to work. Enjoy the week-end with all it ups and downs. Here is another misty view from the garden.