Good Morning

The misty Autumn mornings are now here. During the day quite sunny, altough quite cool, but bearable. It is really the weather that says take a walk, or in my case a wheelie with the scooter or wheelchair. It seems that the outside insects, mainly the bees, have now disappeared to wherever they go when it gets colder.

There was a time when my sedum was full of them. From one day to another they were gone.

The sedum, the favourite for pollination, no longer has fresh flowers and is now just an autumn colour.

However I still have my feline visitors-

Roschti, the neighbour’s cat, still arives for his tit bits regularly.

And Joux-joux often appears, but she wanders further to visit the other neighbours.

Yesterday I saw that this little bug was slowly drowning in the bowl of water I have outside for any creeping visitors or birds I might have in the garden. He was struggling to survive so I carefully removed him and put it on dry land to recover. Aftar a few seconds he seemed to be again mobile and crept off. That was my good deed for the day,

And now to move on for my next chores although it is Sunday so not so much to do. I always make sure that dinner is short and sweet on Sunday: a couple of steaks do the job nicely with some frites from my airfryer and an easy vegetable – today brussel sprouts and some carrots for No, 1 son who doesn’t like sprouts,

Have a good Sunday, take it easy – no stress. How about some cosmea – I stole the photo from the neighbour’s garden, but they do look good in the Autumn mists.