RDP Friday: Haunting

Almost 10 years ago they decided to extend our estate by building 3 new blocks. Of course there was a lot of commotion and noise and one day it was silent and nothing could be heard. There were a new selection of men on the building site. They were not dressed in working clothes, but day clothes and they were gathered around this object. The workers had unearthed a skull and it was not even halloween. It was a healthy skeleton as it still had all its teeth. It was said that our estate was once the place where the gallows stood. Strange is that since this was discovered there was some talk of seeing a headless ghost in some of the apartments, although it is not a great problem. It tends to walk through the walls and disappear in the ground during the day.

RDP Friday: Haunting

Good Morning

Although this is the photo for this morning, it resembles the photo from yesterday and the day before. We seem to be stuck in a misty situation in the morning and it does not really disappear until some time after midday. I have my midday sleep and when I arise in the early afternoon the sun has arrived. It only really stays for an hour or two as it already begins to get darker in the early evening. At least that will change from the next week-end with our extra hour of sleep. Some call it daylight saving, I call it at last the discovery of my lost hour of sleep in Spring.

Now that I have my birdseed supplies again, there is at least some action outside. It is a coming and going all day. The bird just pick a seed and fly off to the tree to eat it. They return again to pick another seed. They never stay for a full meal. The magpies only arrive when they are sure that no-one is watching and the crow just takes its time examining its walnut. I cannot sit all day at the window with my camera, so it is more luck than judgement with what I manage to capture.

It seems my life as a golden oldie is becoming quite uneventful. I think my trips to the stores are the only excitement I get and that will be less as the Winter approaches with its minus temperatures and snowfalls. I can be grateful for my online grocery deliveries. I had to do some careful planning for next week’s groceries as Monday will be missing for our All Souls holiday. However, I have almost completed my order and will send it off tomorrow.

So what shall I do today?

One of my jobs this morning will be to prepare this monster for lunch with my lamb sirloin steak and baked potatoes. It is a butternut squash. I quite like them and so does No. 1 son. Mr. Swiss eats it, but it is not his favourite vegetable. they are no problem to cook, I do it in my air fryer. The problem is peeling the brute. It seems to have a skin made of leather and I have to hack away at it to separate it from the inside. A colleague advised me to cook it with the skin as it separates itself from the veg during cooking with no problem. Perhaps I might try it. It would save time.

So that is my exciting morning and now to attack the apartment for something completely different. I hope your week-end will be full of action. Have a good one, enjoy it.