RDP Tuesday: Crow

Our ornithological surroundings are governed by the crows. They know what they want and as soon as I spread out a few peanuts they are there. Their vibes are tuned to food. They are my neighbours. They live in the trees surrounding our estate and now and again they make a communal flight to show that they are in charge. You hear them before you see them and they live up to their group name of a murder of crows. They even manage to carry a walnut in their beaks but they have their own method of cracking them open. Just drop it from the top of a tree and it will open up for the tasty nut inside. Crows know how to solve their problems and you do not mess with them. They never say thankyou for a tasty morsel, it is expected from us humans.

RDP Tuesday: Crow

Good Morning

It is a good morning today. The sun is shining, pleasant temperatures and I have been making quite good progress, despite that the cleaning lady is here. She is almost finished and in the meanwhile I even cleaned all my windows on the front side of the apartment, so things could not be better.

I even got a visit from Roschti, the neighbour’s cat

and Shoo Shoo the other neighbour’s cat who decided to have a stretch whilst waiting for his feline goodies.

And that is really all I have time for today. Lunch is cooking – chickpeas with beef and veg. Mr. Swiss is not a fan of chickpeas, but he will have to make do. For him I could cook pasta every day and he would be happy. I will be off for my Tuesday afternoon trip to town this afternoon.

This is a short write, as I must now move on. Have a good day everyone.