RDP Friday: Autumn

Apples, apples everywhere
What am I going to do
Eat them for breakfest, fry them for dinner
Perhaps cook them in a stew
Make a pie every day
Or bake a tart
I have so many, no room in the kitchen
I will pile them in a cart
Let us not forget, only once a year
So let us not be so glum
Spring has gone, summer is going
Now is time for Autumn

RDP Friday: Autumn

Good Morning

What could be better in the morning that a sun on its way rising for the day. Yesterday was mostly rain with the sun in between now and again but today the rain has moved on. Morning temperature is 21°C but with a promise to rise during the day. I will not be going anywhere. There is a grocery delivery arriving today and I have everything I need.

Yesterday was another bread baking day.

This time I chose a darker flour. It was a success.

I served it with a bean salad and some cold cuts in the evening. Nothing special but our normal evening food during the week. Now it is finished with bread baking until Monday, although I will probably be baking a spicy focaccia to go with the chilli con carne on Sunday, but otherwise it will be bread rom the store.

Otherwise nothing exciting happening at the moment. The insects in the garden have made themselves rare at the moment, probably due to the rain. My house spider is still hovering in the same place in the kitchen suspended from the ceiling. I do not know what it eats and seems to be living from love and air.

Even the bees have deserted me, but I think it was a little too wet and cold for them in the last days.

I will now move on and wish you all a good day. It is Friday so we now have the week-end to look forward to.