Good Morning

A rainy night on and off, I heard it outside the bedroom window falling down. This morning everything is damp in the garden. It was time for some rain and I was not sorry. We are left with a cloud cover outside.

There were clouds hanging around in town yesterday. I was wondering if the statue on top of our cathedral had a ladder to make a quick escape. His colleagues seem to be looking on in envy.

The town seemed to be full of musicians and the music was good and entertaing. This guy plays rock and has his own band now and again. He is also a colleague of my No. 1 son and always gives me a greeting when I wheel past,

I also noticed that there were a group of handicapped people with their wheelchairs and carers in town. I got into a discussion with one of the carers although they were from the french speaking part of Switzerland. However with my elementary french knowledge I managed to converse with her, although the french word for wheelchair was not in my vocabulary. She found my scooter was a really good way of manoeuvring. It was really good to have contact with the group. Afterwards I met my long parted neighbour, who is actually also French speaking, but speaks quite good Swiss German. It was nice to see her again after so long. She had her youngest son with her, who is now 7 years older – how time flies. My next meeting was with another musician, but more my age. Mr. Swiss knows them all, although he is more into jazz, so my connections were more with jazz over the years. However I am also a rock fan and now have some interesting conversations with the rock musicians. The guy I met had even attended a Chicago concert some years ago when they were in Switzerland. I was impressed.

I also saw a guy playing the harp on my journey. It is really amazing what you see for various instruments.

I havn’t yet worked out what this was for an instrument. It sounded very irish although it seems the musician was actually a Hungarian. He had to turn a handle to get the music.

I eventually reached my store destination, although was only heading to get a new carton of cigarettes (for Mr. Swiss). At the age of 82 old habits unfortunately die hard. I was planning to be home by 4.00 p.m. but with meeting all these various people it was an hour later when I eventually arrived. At least I had some excitement on my way.

Mr. Swiss still has his nose in his book when I arrived so it did not seem he was missing me very much. I spent the evening making something to eat, hanging up some washing and eventually settling in front of the TV, although it was the usual prorammes. We usually watch British TV. I have also now uploaded a book to read on my Kindle . I really wanted to read again for some time, but just could not find a suitable book. I quite like the Simon Beckett books who writes a series of stories based on a pathologist who has some interesting murder cases and eventually uploaded one. At last an alternative to TV programmes

And now to today’s tasks, although not too much stress. I will be staying at home, more rain is predicted and it is not fun in a scooter when it is wet. I am busy composing my online order for delivery for the week-end food. Have a good Wednesday and take care.