Good Morning

I should have been here fifteen minutes ago, but got distracted by the computer reading an article about Elvis Presley’s wife’s experiences which was really nothing important. Just the wanderings of a golden oldie mind. Now I am here and had an interesting morning sky with some cloud remainders reflecting the sun which has also arrived to welcome the day. I also began to cook today’s meat: nothing special, I am boiling beef with vegetables. It is something I can leave to cook on its own for a couple of hours.

I have just eaten some bread spread with jam for breakfast and have a cup of tea to wash it down. What an exciting life I lead. Afterwards I will drift off to the shower and tidy up at home with the help from my trusty vacuum cleaner and mop. I have not yet seen or heard Mr. Swiss who is still hugging the bed.

There was a little action in the garden yesterday as the bees appeared again. They only arrive when the sun is shining and yesterday was a good day for the sun.

It will be another day at home today as I really do not need to go anywhere and I definitely have a lazy phase at the moment. I saw that my iPhone was telling me today to update my Covid app. I can even include a photo on my Swiss Covid app – one of those strange black and white symbols with lots of dots and dashes and splodges all over it from my vaccination certificate. You learn something new every day. My online life is working quite well. Yesterday I ordered two new toilet bushes with holders and one of those long brooms and pan so that I do not have to bend when sweeping. I had a few of them but threw them out by the last big rubbish collection as they were all broken somewhere. My online contact company tells me they are already on their way and I only ordered them yesterday afternoon so what could be better.

Not having anything more to report, I will now continue with my Saturday routine. Have a good week-end everyone. My kitchen is now full of the smell of meat cooking. Here are some of my orchids to help you all on the way.