Good Morning

Not a cloud in the sky, looks like another great day today. I hope we keep the good weather until the end of September, we really need it.

Yesterday afternoon we had some clouds, but they were harmless and added to the charm of the sky.

Yesterday I had contact with No. 2 son over the computer Whats app or Facetime or whatever. It is always good to see his family. They live in the Eastern part of Switzerland, in Schaffhausen, and he sent me some photos they took on their afternoon expedition.

This is a view they had over the town of Schaffhausen. It is quite a large town, stands on the borders to Germany, and of course is more well known for the Rhein Waterfalls.

Schaffhausen also have their various monuments – some of them I know and others not so well. They have quite a few protective walls. It is also a wine growing area of Switzerland, as you can see from this photo. This week he is again working in the home office but next week he will again be in the office which is in our part of Switzerland.

Meanwhile life continues as usual at home and I spotted this guy hanging on in the hedge around the garden. I decided to leave him to wait for his next dinner when it might arrive.

Being a Sunday there was not a lot happening yesterday. I have now ordered my new lens for my camera which should arrive tomorrow. I am quite looking forward to it. I am also hoping that my new fridge and freezer will soon be delivered. I can live OK without it for the time being, as have a second fridge with small freezer, but it is a little inconvenient walking back and forth to another room for every block of butter I need. Today I do not plan going anywhere. I will be baking todays bread as I have almost nothing more at home. Otherwise I am decked for food supplies today and tomorrow and will be getting a new delivery from the supermarket. Online shopping is one of the best results of the Kovid pandemic. The stores organised themselves and done it quite well.

The bees are still hanging around and harvesting their pollen.

I am now off to deal with the day’s chores and trust you all get to a good start in the new week. I leave you with another photo of Schaffhausen. You can see the River Rhine which flows through the town.