Good Morning

I have just had a morning with the cleaning lady here and now she is gone, but I did get the chance to take a photo of the morning sunrise. I always leave the bed punctually on Tuesday morning to get things organised.

We have some wonderful fluffy clouds today and the sun is shining, so what could go wrong.

Yesterday I had two gardeners tidying up my garden, although I was not very happy when they were finished. They worked well but left me with a problem. Their boss gave them the instructions before they began and I was also there. It seems that their understanding of the meanings of the instructions were not the same as mine. They tied up my reed for the Winter which was really getting a little out of hand but I am not sure if I want to stay like this throughout the Winter. I prefer it when the sheaths of seeds waver in the wind. They also put a layer of special wooden chips over everything instead of fresh earth, making the flowerbed on the back garden resemble a clinically clean cemetary. One of the gardeners also cleared away almost all my flowers in one of my raised beds, although we agreed to just thin it out a bit. Anyhow a further visit is now planned for next week to replace the cemetery look with natural dark earth and to replant my raised bed with something new. I had always had good service from my gardener, but it seems they are also having problems with organising staff.

I also had my second apple tree removed, which was done well and efficiently. I had planted it from a pip and it was now producing apples, but not very nice apples. I have a second apple tree and so we decided that there was one too many. I am glad this one has now gone. It was really growing tall and wide and taking away the light from the garden.

And now I must go. Dinner is cooking and son No 1 will soon be home. Have a good day everyone. I am not sure if I will have time to return this afternoon as I am off to the doc mid afternoon.