11 thoughts on “FOTD 21st September 2021: Azalea

  1. Oh, these are what we knew as ‘florist azaleas’. They are spectacular in bloom, and are grown to be sold as blooming potted plants, but then do not adapt well to garden culture. Because we grew landscape stock, we did not grow these. (We grew one cultivar of florist azalea, but it was unpopular with our clients.) Florist azaleas perform better in pots than landscape types, and are more likely to bloom well again in pots.

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      • I do not know the exact cultivar. The only cultivar of that sort that I ever grew was simple white. The bloom was very pretty, but a bit big and floppy for the garden. They sort of hung over the edges of the cans (because we did not trim them up like they are as potted plants). If they do that in the ground, the flower lay on the ground and get grubby. They work better in pots. Some of the colors, which are often mixed with white, look like fancy French deserts.

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          • Yes! Rhododendron ferrugineum. ‘Rhododendron’ translates into ‘rose tree’, although they are not even remotely related to what are known as roses. Azaleas are species and hybrids of species of Rhododendron. (‘Rhododendron’ is, of course, also Rhody’s name.)

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